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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Article idea?

Here's a possible topic for an article for you, especially if you ever write about cinema and/or historic buildings. A year ago The Electric Cinema in Birmingham, England was restored by Thomas Lawes, who is the son of an old friend of mine. The building has been restored to its 1930s Art Deco look (rather than the original Edwardian)

The Electric Cinema is currently the oldest working cinema in the UK (it first opened on December 30th 1909). It is also the only independent cinema left in Birmingham, England's 'second city'. Among its many unusual features, it offers luxury sofa seating with waiter/waitress service. It's not really my territory, but I'm sure there's scope for some very interesting articles to be written about the cinema, and I'm equally sure that they would welcome any additional publicity!

Here's bit more background for you. The restorer of the Electric Cinema is also a professional musician, and he runs the cinema's previous second screen as a sound studio. And as if all that wasn't enough, he has also produced and directed a series of low-budget horror movies, in one of which I had a small part myself (I appeared in three scenes, in the last of which I met an untimely end at the hands of a deranged gardener!).

More info about The Electric Cinema can be found on its website at If you get a definite commission, drop me a line stating the name of the publication you are writing for, and I should be able to provide you with some additional info/contact details.



Blogger Shirley said...

Hi Nick,

Congratulations on the blog. Great to see you already have people giving you good feedback.

I write for a glossy county type magazine in the West Midlands - there's a chance they'd be interested in this - and would take some lovely pics that would be used well.

I'd be very interested to know, especially as this particular magazine, is not a stellar payer, what sort of US publications you'd feel may be likely to also buy a version of this sort of piece (with pics, I take it). I've never written for any US markets despite (or because of!) a couple of false/tentative starts. I know you can't divulge all your market knowledge in a blog posting - but any snippet of general advice would be very welcome. Perhaps you'd like to 'share' in a new post?

Good luck with the blog,


11:28 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Hi Shirley

Thanks for your kind comments, and good luck following up this lead.

I'm sorry I can't really help with possible US markets. As I said in the blog, this is a bit outside my normal writing territory, which is why I'm not pursuing it myself. You will need to do a bit of market research here!

One very useful guide to American magazine markets is Writer's Market, published annually by the Writers Digest organisation (and available from the Amazon online bookstore).

Otherwise, you could try posting a request for info on possible US markets for an article about cinema/historic buildings on a forum frequented by US writers, e.g.

Hope that helps a bit anyway!


6:01 PM  

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