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Friday, February 10, 2006

An unusual source of inspiration?

If you're struggling to come up with ideas for your novel or short story, have you thought of tapping into one of the best free sources of ideas available - your own dreams?

Many books and stories are said to have been inspired by a dream of the author. One of the best-known examples is Alice in Wonderland, the complete plot of which came to Lewis Carroll in a dream.

Of course, many people claim they never have dreams, but research has shown time and again that we all do - four or five times a night. It's just that, when we wake up, we almost instantly forget them.

So one of the best ways to ensure you remember your dreams is to keep a notebook by your bed and record any dreams as soon as you wake up. If you don't fancy writing at this time, I'm sure a mini-recorder would do just as well.

I mention this because in the last few days I've been writing some promotional material for the Lucid Dreaming Kit - a new product from my writing course publishers WCCL. This explains how people can learn to be aware in their dreams and take control of them.

The Lucid Dreaming Kit isn't really aimed at writers, but it struck me it could be a great resource for them. If you can learn this skill, you could act out exciting stories in your dreams, then transcribe them the following day. You could even test different plot twists and see which works out best!

Funnily enough, I've been noticing my dreams more since I started writing about the Lucid Dreaming Kit, and I've even had a lucid dream myself - though almost as soon as I realised I was dreaming, I woke up! Anyway, it's a fascinating field, and one I plan to explore further.

If you'd like to see more information about the Lucid Dreaming Kit, just click on the banner below. Incidentally, I do highly recommend the product - the manual is extremely well written, and you get all sorts of bonus software and an 'audio stimulation CD' as well.

Sweet dreams!



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