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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Vistaprint free business cards offer

Every freelance writer worth his or her salt should get some business cards printed and carry them about at all times. You just never know when you'll meet a potential client. I recently did a copywriting job for my local second-hand car salesman - and yes, I first met him when I bought my car from him and handed him a business card on the off-chance!

Internet printers Vistaprint have a very good special offer on at the moment, where you can get 250 full-colour business cards printed for free - all you pay is a few pounds for post and packing. They are printed to a high standard on good quality, thick card, and various designs are available. The only thing that differs from their paid-for cards is that the Vistaprint logo appears on the reverse.

Vistaprint also offer free and low-cost rubber stamps, should you happen to need such items. For more details about their special offers, just click on

Incidentally, the link above takes you to the UK site, but Vistaprint operates in many other countries as well - just click through to the Vistaprint homepage then scroll down to find the necessary links.



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