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Monday, March 20, 2006

Mini-Mystery Competition Solution

Thanks to everyone who entered my mini-mystery competition. The official answer (as published in the book) is reproduced below:

Answer: The poison was in the ice cubes, which Minton had put into the punch before anyone arrived. As ice melts relatively slowly, those who had drunk the punch early in the evening survived. Those who arrived later, however, drank a deadly potion

I received some very ingenious answers, several of which identified Rebecca as the culprit. However, the story did state that Minton was the guilty party, and I wouldn't have been so unfair as to change that in the answer.

Just two people got the correct answer, Lesley Silvester and Tam Daly. An honourable mention goes to Maria T. Zamora, who did work out that the poison was administered in the ice cubes, but thought it must have been added later in the party, after the junior partners had drunk their punch.

As there were just two correct answers, I've decided to give a prize to each of the winners, so will be in touch with them shortly about this. Thanks to everyone who had a go at this contest, and commiserations to those who didn't win this time!

As a matter of interest, the book in which this story was first published appears to be out of print now, but it is available second-hand from by clicking here.



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