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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Places to find writing jobs

One question I get asked a lot is where can I find writing jobs advertised? Well, here are some great sites to start you off.

Freelancers in the UK

Launched last year, this British site has a growing range of writing and other freelance jobs advertised on it. You can browse the jobs and apply for them free of charge. For a small fee, you can have your own details hosted on the site's directory of freelances.

Freelance Work Exchange

This popular US site covers all types of freelance work, but writing and editorial are particularly popular, with over 1,500 assignments currently listed. On FWE, potential clients post details of projects for which they need freelance help, and freelances can apply for these jobs via the site. Many of the clients are US-based, but in most cases the work can be done electronically from anywhere in the world.

The standard fee for membership of FWE is $29.95 a month, but it's possible to take out a seven-day trial membership for just $2.95 to see whether joining might be beneficial to you. Trial membership gives you access to all the jobs currently in the database and lets you apply for them. Jobs on offer include copy-editing, ghost-writing, script-writing, article writing, and more.


Another US-based site, Writerlance publishes details of writing jobs available, and registered members of the site can then bid for them. Unlike some similar job sites, there are no up-front fees for writers. If you succeed in getting a job, you simply pay a small proportion of your agreed fee to Writerlance.

There are some interesting jobs on offer, including one to write three original love poems and another to write an e-book on how to live with diabetes. You have to state the price you would charge and the amount of time you would require.

As a registered member (which is free) you get the opportunity to put your profile on the website, which could be a good way of promoting yourself even if you never bid on any projects.

Write This Moment

Write This Moment is a UK-based site with a focus on non-fiction writing. Access to their Writing Jobs and Opportunities Board costs 8 UK pounds for 3 months or 20 UK pounds for the year. The most recent opportunities posted to the board are as follows:

Call for Cake Craft Articles 25/02/06
Title Seeks Articles on Knitting 25/02/06
Living Abroad Articles Welcome 25/02/06
Readers Letters Market 25/02/06
Magazine Seeks Golf Profiles 25/02/06

There is also a free e-mail newsletter you can subscribe to via the site.

My Writers Circle

You didn't think I was going to end this list without mentioning my own forum, did you?! My Writers Circle lists many jobs and opportunities in the Writers Wanted section. Not only that, members often leave feedback on the opportunity concerned, so you get additional perspectives on it. Free, and highly recommended!



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