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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Exchange rate woes

Just thought I'd mention this - in the last couple of months the British Pound has strengthened against the US Dollar by about 8 per cent. The official exchange rate today is around 1.87 Dollars to the Pound.

What's that got to do with writing? Well, my courses Quick Cash Writing and Write Any Book in Under 28 Days are both priced by my publishers, WCCL, in US Dollars. The bad news for me is that the royalties I get from WCCL are now worth 8% less to me, because I live in the UK and need to change my Dollars to Pounds before I can spend them.

My pain is your gain, however - if you live outside the US, at least. Because of the fall in the Dollar, my courses are effectively cheaper than they have ever been before. So if you've been thinking about buying either (or both) of these courses, financially speaking there's never been a better time!

For more info on either of my writing courses, just click on the links above. And if you're in the US, I'm sorry the fall of the Dollar (or the rise of the Pound) won't benefit you in this way, but I still think you'll find that the courses represent amazing value!



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