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Monday, June 12, 2006

Useful Website: Rhymezone

Here's a useful - and free - website I discovered recently. As the name suggests, Rhymezone is aimed at least partly at poets (and anyone else) seeking a rhyme.

Enter the word you want a rhyme for in the Word box, and ensure that the box beside it says 'Find Rhymes' (if it doesn't, click on the down arrow at the far end of the box and click on Find Rhymes from the pop-up list that appears).

Now click on 'Go Get It' and a list of words and phrases rhyming with your chosen word will be displayed. By default the list is arranged by number of syllables - so at the top you will see all one-syllable rhyming words, followed by words of two syllables, three syllables, and so on.

If you prefer, you can have the list arranged by number of letters instead, by clicking on 'letters' near the bottom left of the screen. In that case you will see rhyming words of two letters, three letters, four letters, and so on. I don't find this quite as useful myself, but perhaps you might!

Rhymezone therefore functions as an online rhyming dictionary. In this respect it could be of value not only to poets but to anyone who ever enters slogan contests (as discussed in my course Quick Cash Writing). But in fact this is only the start of the range of features offered by the site.

You can also use Rhymezone as an online dictionary. Enter any word you want to look up in the Word box as before, and this time select 'Find Definition' from the pop-up list. As a test, I entered the word 'promise'. Rhymezone came up with the following quite comprehensive set of definitions:
* noun: grounds for feeling hopeful about the future
Example: "There is little or no promise that he will recover"

* noun: a verbal commitment by one person to another agreeing to do (or not to do) something in the future

* verb: give grounds for expectations
Example: "The results promised fame and glory"

* verb: make a promise or commitment

* verb: promise to undertake or give
Example: "I promise you my best effort"

* verb: make a prediction about; tell in advance

You can also use Rhymezone to find synonyms (words similar in meaning to your chosen word) and antonyms (words opposite in meaning). Just select the appropriate description from the pop-up list as usual.

The synonym-finder could be very useful if you are writing or editing a book and need to find an alternative for a word that has been over-used. In this respect, of course, it is similar to a Thesaurus.

On all results pages, commonly searched words are shown in bold, whilst obscure words are dimmed. You can click on any word and its definition will be displayed.

Rhymezone offers a range of other features as well, including the opportunity to see examples of any word in context from Shakespeare, the Bible and other sources. Even if you're not a poet, in my view Rhymezone is well worth a place on your Favorites list.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there. You may also use to rhyme with. It gives somewhat more ordered results compared to Rhymezone...

10:23 PM  

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