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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Christmas Shopping Ideas!

Christmas is now less than a fortnight away, and if you're anything like me you're nowhere near ready for it. So to help ease those last-minute Christmas-present-buying blues, I thought I'd offer a few gift suggestions for the writer in your life - or indeed for yourself as a little extra treat.

First up, you may not be surprised, I'd like to recommend one of my own courses. Write Any Book in Under 28 Days is my original, best-selling course for writers, published by WCCL. The course is packed with tips and advice for writers, but at its heart is my unique five-step method for writing any book (fiction or factual) in the shortest possible time.

I've lost count of the number of testimonials I've received for this course, but here are three that have come to me personally within the last week (many others go directly to my publishers).
I appreciated your book and used it for two unrelated projects this year: 1) writing my Ph.D. dissertation in economics, which I finished in May and 2) my participation in National Novel Writing Month in November, during which I produced a 50,000 word manuscript in 30 days. this time I'm working my way through my second book using your Write Any Book course. I've finished one book which is currently with my agent and so I thought I'd use your course to do my second.

...I'm still using your outlining system to great effect some 18 months after reading about it.

I haven't named the authors of these comments as I wouldn't want to do so without their permission, and I want to get this blog posted as soon as possible. But if anyone really wants to know who they are, feel free to email me!

Write Any Book in Under 28 Days comes on CD. These are normally dispatched within 24 hours of orders being received, so if you order within the next day or two, depending on where in the world you are, there is every chance you will receive it in time for Christmas.

My second recommendation is another WCCL production, Write a Movie in a Month. I didn't write this myself (though I'd like to think that the methodology was partly inspired by my book-writing course). It was written by three successful screenwriters, two based in the US and one in the UK. As a matter of interest, the third of the testimonials for my course listed earlier was written by the UK author of Write a Movie in a Month. Oh heck, I'm sure he won't mind me revealing that it's Mark Lewin and you can visit his website here if you wish.

Anyway, I'm a BIG FAN of Write a Movie in a Month. Indeed, as regular readers of this blog will know, it's inspired me to try my hand at writing a movie screenplay myself. Watch out, Hollywood! Regular readers will also know that, until the end of December, I'm offering three extra special bonuses to anyone buying Write a Movie in a Month via the review on my blog. Just click on any of the links above and all will be revealed.

Finally, you might of course want to give the writer in your life (or yourself) a nice printed book rather than - or as well as - one of the excellent CDs mentioned above. In that case, I recommend a visit to the world's favorite online bookstore, Amazon.

I've already used to buy a swathe of Christmas presents for my nearest and dearest. Indeed, I buy stuff from them all the time, not only books but also DVDs, CDs, electrical goods, and more. They provide a fast and reliable service, and delivery is FREE as long as you spend over £15 (UK) or $25 (US) in any one order.

In association with Amazon, I've just set up two online bookstores devoted to books for writers. Just click on the appropriate link below to visit the store of your choice.

Nick's UK Writing Bookstore

Nick's US Writing Bookstore

Any of the titles displayed on these sites would make a great gift for a writer. But if you want a single suggestion, I highly recommend Stephen King's entertaining and informative book "On Writing" (pictured left). It may well be showing on the front page of my bookstore when you visit, but if not just enter Stephen King in the search box at the top right and click on "GO". Whatever you opt for, don't leave it too late though. You can only get guaranteed delivery before Christmas free of charge if you order by the end of this week!



Anonymous Karl said...

Fantastic blog, Nick... love your Amazon stores! :) Karl

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