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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Smart Writers Newsletter - Have You Seen It Yet?

WCCL's new Smart Writers newsletter (which I first mentioned in this post) is now up and running. The issue I received on Tuesday had a great little article by Rob Parnell called "10 Easy Steps to Becoming a Better Fiction Writer". Here are the first three tips to give you a flavour...
1. Step Away From the Car, Sir

Slightly detach yourself from your surroundings. Stop participating and begin observing. In social situations, watch people, see how they act and - more importantly - interact.

Don't pass judgment. Take it all in - and draw on it later when you write.

2. Look Harder, Homer

Stop and look around you. Consciously notice the buildings, what's underfoot, overhead, and what's right in front of you.

At home, look at something you take for granted. An iron, for instance. Find yours and study it.

3. Write Thinking Will Be Rewarded

A simple technique. Your mother is making tea and you are chatting to her. Take a mental step back and describe the scene.

Similarly, when you're outside, describe your environment as though you were writing it down.

Good, concise advice here, from a successful freelance writer and writing teacher. By the way, if you missed Tuesday's issue of Smart Writers, you can still see the full article on the Writestreet website by clicking here.

Smart Writers is free to subscribe, and as part of their special launch offer, WCCL (who publish my courses Write Any Book in Under 28 Days and Quick Cash Writing) are giving away nearly $4,000 worth (their estimate) of writing books and software.

The launch offer is not guaranteed to continue much longer, however, so if you're interested in subscribing I recommend visiting the Smart Writers website today. Full details of the current "Writers Giveaway" offer can be found there, along with a form where you can sign up for the newsletter and claim your freebies.



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