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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Writing for Survival

Survival Books, I mean! They are a UK publishing house, which published my books Living & Working in Italy and Living & Working in Germany. Their books are aimed at people who are going to other countries to live and/or work, not merely as holidaymakers.

I'm mentioning the company here because the man behind Survival Books, Peter Read, is currently looking for more authors. I've already publicised this opportunity on my forum and in my E-Writer newsletter. As a result of that, at least three people have been signed up by Peter to write books about Australia, the USA and India. So many congratulations to Ruth, Anthony and Noel respectively! And there may well, of course, be others I don't know about.

Anyway, Peter has asked me to pass on that he is still very keen to find people to write the books "Culture Wise Hong Kong" and "Culture Wise China". You MUST live or work in China or Hong Kong, at least some of the time, to be considered for this opportunity. Please contact Peter directly by email at in the first instance. Obviously, change the -at- in the address to the usual @ symbol.

Peter does not want to hear from anyone about countries other than China or Hong Kong at the moment, but says he will be announcing more opportunities for authors in the new year. I will publicize these when I hear about them via this blog, my forum and my newsletter. So do keep reading to stay abreast of further opportunities with this fast-growing publishing house.

And if you get a contract from Peter to write a book for him, do let me know. I love nothing more than hearing about my readers' successes!



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