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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Your New Year Resolution?

A very happy new year to you! I do hope you enjoyed the festive season, and are ready to get down to some serious writing in 2007!

According to a report I saw on the BBC yesterday, the second most popular new year resolution is to write a book (in case you're wondering, the most popular is giving up smoking).

If writing a book is YOUR new year resolution, I wish you every success in achieving your goal. If I may offer one piece of advice, it's to divide the task into a series of stages. Set yourself definite target dates for completing each of the stages and do your utmost to meet them. For example, you could set a deadline of the end of January to plan your book and perform any necessary preliminary research, the end of March to finish the first draft, and the end of May to complete your editing and have the book all ready to go off to a publisher or an agent.

Setting specific targets is important, because without them it's unlikely you'll ever complete a substantial project such as writing a book. Do your best to meet your deadlines, but if you still miss one don't beat yourself up about it. Just redouble your efforts to ensure that you make your next deadline and get back on track again.

Of course, if you'd like a specific method for planning and writing your book in the shortest possible time, you might like to consider ordering a copy of my course Write Any Book in Under 28 Days. This is my original, best-selling CD course published by WCCL. As well as my unique five-step method for blueprinting and outlining any book, fiction or non-fiction, the course is packed with hints and tips based on my experience as an author of over 40 books to date. Click here to read a lengthy extract from the course. You can also read a range of testimonials for the course here.

But whether you decide to invest in my course or not, I'd like to wish you every success in achieving your writing ambitions. Don't forget that you can always get advice, support and feedback on your work free of charge on my forum at

Happy writing!



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