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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Review: Book Backup

Book Backup is the latest new product for writers to be released by my publishers WCCL. As the name suggests, it's the first ever backup program specifically designed by and for writers.

I have to admit to a special interest in this software, as it was developed by WCCL from my original suggestion! As a full-time professional freelance writer I'm well aware of the importance of backing up my work, but I'm simply not as conscientious about it as I ought to be. So what I wanted - no, what I needed - was some software to make the whole process as painless as possible for me.

Well, it took a few months, but I'm delighted to say that WCCL exceeded my expectations. In Book Backup you have a powerful and versatile piece of software that is easy to operate and can be left to run automatically at set intervals (or you can run it manually any time you like). Naturally, you can choose which files are backed up, and if you wish set a number of different backup routines to run at different times and intervals (for example, you might want to run backups for your novel in progress twice a day, but a backup for other projects you aren't currently working on only once a week).

Of course, backup software has to have somewhere to back up files to. The beauty of Book Backup is that it will work with almost any storage medium you like: USB key, external hard disk, partitioned drive, and so on. It can also back up to any remote location by FTP or email. One example: Book Backup works seamlessly with Google's Gmail. Anyone can open a free Gmail account, which includes nearly 3GB of free storage space - more than enough to house a large library full of document files. But if by chance you don't want to use your Gmail account for this purpose, buyers of Book Backup also receive from WCCL a free FTP account for life with a still-substantial 1GB of storage.

It's a good idea to back up your work to a remote location, in case your computer and any attached backup devices are stolen, catch fire, or suffer some other calamity. However, backing up a lot of files by email or FTP can be very time consuming. So Book Backup has the facility to compress your backup files so that they take up much less space. It is, of course, easy to expand them again if you need to recover the saved files.

Naturally, Book Backup is simplicity itself to use. A detailed instruction manual is included with the software (though to be honest it is all pretty intuitive), and there is 24/7 support from WCCL's dedicated customer service website at

Book Backup has many other features as well, so if you are interested I urge you to click through to WCCL's sales page and read about them. One other thing I should clarify, though. Although designed primarily for writers, Book Backup will back up other sorts of file as well, including spreadsheets, database files, multimedia, and so on.

Finally, the best news is that WCCL have set the price of Book Backup to be affordable for any writer. It's currently on offer at just $19.95. That's around 9.95 UK pounds, or 14.95 Euros. In my view that's a very low price indeed for potentially saving six months' hard work going down the drain!

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