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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Free Report for E-book Writers

I recently obtained the reproduction rights to a new report called 30 Writing Tips for eBook Authors, by the successful eBook author Jimmy D. Brown.

This is an informative little guide for any aspiring non-fiction writer, not only eBook authors (though it is particularly relevant to them). Here's a sample extract from the report which may give you some idea as to its quality:

25. Get More Information.

It's common for writers to get to a point where they think "what now?" You've just written everything you know about a particular subject and it still seems like something is missing. There aren't enough pages. The chapters don't fit together well. Something isn't explained quite the way it should be. Don't allow the lack of information to stop you from digging in and creating an outstanding eBook. The Internet is an open highway of information just waiting to be researched. Start out with some of the top search engines such as,, or and in the search field, type in a half dozen or so different keywords and key phrases relating to your subject.

For example: If you are writing an eBook on weight loss, you might search for...

weight loss
lose weight
weight loss articles
health and fitness
weight loss tips
nutrition tips

Your search will result in tons of information for you to start with. You'll find content sites, free eBooks, articles, reports, eCourses, message boards --just a lot of free information you can study to find new ideas. Spend a few hours (or even a few days) gathering ideas by reading through the information available all over the web. One huge part of successful writing is strong research abilities...and just flat out investing your TIME in gathering ideas.

You'll find that as you research, a LIGHT BULB will go off in your head. When it does, WRITE IT DOWN. Gather a dozen or so ideas and then plug them into your own writing.

It's always good to get a fresh perspective and see things from other folks' viewpoints.

There are a few adverts for Jimmy's longer manuals in the report, but it's easy enough to read around these, or you can click through to find out more. This free report is a good advert (in my opinion) for his full-length products.

30 Writing Tips for eBook Authors is in the universal PDF format. If you click on any of the links in this post, assuming you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed it should open in your browser window. You can also right-click on any link and save the report to the folder of your choice on your PC.

Happy eBook writing!

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Blogger Moondreamer said...


Thank you for this! I have dowloaded and read Jimmy's excellent ebook.

I did a search for him online, to send an email and thank him too, and came across '5 Steps to a Big-Time Small Report Business' which has some more very useful information in it.

Both will prove invaluable as I write my first ebook ... thank you for sharing!


11:51 AM  
Blogger Nick said...

No problem! Glad you found Jimmy's report useful. Do let me know when your first e-book is published!

12:02 PM  
Blogger Carlin said...

Tina Mcallister is holding a contest. I met her recently on Twitter, you can follow her here:

a Ghost Writer is someone who "helps" someone else write their book or article. Say you're a very busy successful person who would like to write a book. Great, right? Oh, wow, you can't really just walk away from your business for the next 3 months while you write your book.


Follow me on Twitter!

4:25 AM  

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