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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Joanne Harris Interview on WritersFM

As mentioned recently in this blog post, Joanne Harris is the latest big-name writer to be interviewed on WritersFM, WCCL's Internet radio station for writers.

Joanne Harris is the British author of around a dozen novels, the most famous of which is Chocolat, which was also made into a film starring Juliette Binoche. Her latest novel, Runemarks, published in August 2007, is her first book for children and young adults. Her official website is at, or clicking on any of the links from her name in this post will take you to the Wikipedia article about her.

The WritersFM Interview with Joanne was conducted by the station manager, Karl Moore, as usual. The interview runs to about an hour and is entertaining as well as being informative. As you might expect of a former school-teacher, Joanne is a clear and articulate interviewee.

Fans of Joanne Harris will particularly enjoy listening as she talks about her various books, and Chocolat in particular. As mentioned previously, I've only read one Joanne Harris novel so far, Gentlemen and Players, but I definitely plan to read some of her other books now. Actually, though, I thought the last twenty minutes or so of the interview were the most interesting, where Joanne talks about her writing methods and offers some tips for aspiring novelists. I recommend having a pen and paper in hand when listening to this!

To hear the interview, you can either wait for it to come around on the station's normal rotation, download it as a podcast, or (probably the easiest option) stream it from the radio station's Podcasts page. As with all WritersFM broadcasts, you will need to have a broadband/DSL Internet connection.

Happy listening!

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Blogger Michael M said...

It would be helpful to be able to set up a subscription to the podcasts using software such as ITunes, rather than having to download and unzip them.

10:18 AM  
Blogger Nick said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Michael. I'll pass it on to Karl, who understands these things far better than I do!

It is, of course, possible to listen to all the recent interviews via live streaming from the WritersFM podcasts page, without any need to download and unzip any files.

11:09 AM  
Blogger Nick said...

Karl says:

Thanks... yes, I know we can do this, but it requires a little extra techie work.

I'll look into it tho, thank you :))

3:58 PM  

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