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Friday, November 28, 2008

Brain Evolution System Review

I have mentioned the new Brain Evolution System from my colleagues Karl Moore and Lee Benson a few times in this blog recently.

I have been trying this system out for the last three weeks, and am now in a position to provide a review of the product. But first, for the benefit of new readers especially, I thought I should start with some background information.

The Brain Evolution System is a six-CD self-development program. It uses advanced scientific methods for 'entraining' your brain, with the aim of helping you control stress, become more productive, sleep better, increase your creativity, and so on.

This has nothing to do with self-hypnosis, 'positive thinking', or any mystical mumbo-jumbo. The Brain Evolution System applies scientific techniques to help you control your brainwaves to achieve peak performance. It uses audio CDs, which you have to listen to via headphones to get the full benefit from.

The Brain Evolution System uses a mixture of technologies to achieve its goals, but probably the most important is binaural beats. To explain this, I need to start with a bit of theory.

If you've studied psychology (which I have - a long time ago!), you'll know that scientists can measure the electrical activity in our brains using a device called an electroencephalogram (EEG). It has been known for a long time that different mental states are associated with different patterns of electrical activity.

Someone who is fully awake and alert will exhibit relatively high frequency, low amplitude, electrical activity patterns (15-40Hz), known as beta waves. Someone resting or meditating will produce lower frequency alpha waves of 9 to 14Hz. This state is often associated with creativity, and is the frequency that WCCL's Writers Block CD (which also uses binaural beats) aims to entrain. Below that are theta waves (5-8Hz), associated with daydreaming and free-flowing thoughts - this is also a highly 'creative' frequency. And finally, there are delta waves (1.5 to 4Hz), the lowest frequency waves that occur in sleep.

For people such as writers who want to increase their creativity, there is clearly a lot to be said for any system that can help get brainwaves into the alpha and theta ranges. Unfortunately, you can't achieve this simply by playing sounds at these frequencies, as they are below most people's hearing thresholds.

However, it has been discovered that if you play sounds of slightly different frequencies to each ear, they combine within the brain to create a low frequency resonance. If you play a tone of 320Hz in one ear and 330Hz in the other, for example, it will create a resonance at a frequency of 10Hz - the difference between them. 10Hz is an alpha wave frequency; so by using this method, your brain can be entrained into a high alpha state.

The Brain Evolution System uses binaural beats, and two additional, complementary methods, to entrain the brain to a variety of mental states. The company calls this the 3P DEAP Method, for reasons you can read about on their background info site if you want to.

The six CDs in the set will take your brain through its entire range of 'operating frequencies', from beta through to delta, though with a particular emphasis on the alpha and theta ranges. For greater effect several layers of entrainment are applied simultaneously. The diagram below shows, in simplified form, the frequencies targeted by each of the six CDs. As you will see, CD5 - titled Neptune's Cave - takes you down very low indeed!

So much for the theory - how does it work in practice? Well, the CDs come in a handy carrying case, and you simply load them into your PC or music center to play them (you can also get MP3 versions for iPods and such like if you prefer, though CDs are recommended to get the best results). As mentioned earlier, it's best to listen through a pair of headphones rather than loudspeakers. The CDs work by producing slightly different frequencies in each ear, and if you listen through speakers, inevitably the sounds from the left and the right side will get mixed up.

To use the system properly, you are meant to listen to each CD six days a week for a month, then move on to the next. For the purpose of reviewing the system I didn't want to have to wait six months, however, so I tried all the CDs over a three-week period, including some 'days off' so that I could compare the effects.

I found listening to the CDs quite pleasant. The sound of running water is used on all of them, but in addition there are other sounds, including birdsong, bells and musical chimes. Thankfully, unlike WCCL's Writer's Block CD (which I do otherwise recommend), there is no irritating 'introduction' on these CDs - in each case, you get straight into the main track, which is half an hour long.

So what benefits did I derive from listening to the CDs? The effects I experienced even after my first few uses were actually quite noticeable. In particular, after listening, I felt an immediate sharpening of my mental processes.

To give an example, recently I had to review some quite complex software for a client, all within a three-day period. It was a challenging assignment, as not only did I have to master three pieces of unfamiliar software in a short time, I then had to produce a 4000-word comparative review for a knowledgeable readership. I was pleased to discover that focusing on the task after listening to the CDs was much easier than I expected. I quickly got to grips with the software, and the writing flowed really well. The article was finished in two days, and I got some great feedback on it too. I really don't think I could have done the job, or at least not nearly as well, without the Brain Evolution System.

The other benefits I experienced were more surprising. One was that I actually seemed to have a lot more energy. In some cases this could be slightly counter-productive, as I found myself wanting to get up and do something physical rather than sit and work at my computer. Still, I guess I can live with that!

I also found myself sleeping better. I've not been sleeping any longer than usual - the reverse, actually - but somehow the quality of sleep I've been getting has been better since I started using the system. I dare say this has contributed to the higher energy levels and better concentration I am noticing as well.

In any event, I am very pleased with the benefits I have been getting from the Brain Evolution System so far, and definitely intend to go on using it over the coming months. I will keep readers of this blog informed of how I get on.

There is one other thing I should mention: as well as the CDs, you also get a month's supply of Acuity capsules. Acuity is a supplement designed to complement the Brain Evolution System CDs. To quote from the website, 'Its powerful ingredients help enhance clarity of thought, mind power, and provide instantly-noticeable focus.' Each capsule includes energy-boosting Guarana and Kola Nut, memory-enhancing Huperzine A, brain-building DHA, and so on. To be honest, I haven't tried Acuity yet, for two reasons. One is that I wanted to test the CDs reasonably scientifically without changing any other variables as well; and secondly, I find the CDs stimulating enough on their own anyway!

The Brain Evolution System is currently on offer at a special launch discount price. In addition, you can test it out free and without obligation for 21 days, to assess exactly how it works for you. There is also a seven-months' money-back guarantee if you are in any way dissatisfied with the results you get. In my view there is nothing to lose - and a lot potentially to gain - by giving it a try.

For more information about the Brain Evolution System, click through any of the links in this post, or on the banner below.

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Anonymous Richard Regal said...

Hi Nick,

I'm experiencing much the same results in my on-going experimentation with the Brain Evolution System.

Month 1, Level 1: massive increase in energy and productivity

Month 2, Level 2: mentally sharper, smooth even temperament, productive, and sleeping like a baby.

Just about to head into Month 3, Level 3, on Christmas Day... so much more to come!

Season's Greetings,
Richard Regal

9:21 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Thanks, Richard. Glad to hear you're getting good results too!

8:40 AM  
Blogger richard said...

hi,is any benifift lost if I use the discs just before bed,rather than in the morning

6:45 AM  
Blogger Nick said...

Hi Richard

You would really need to ask the Brainev people this question - I'm just a happy user.

However, some of the disks do entrain the brainwave frequencies associated with sleep, so I can see that you might sleep better if you used them at night. This isn't really how the system is meant to be used though,

9:34 AM  

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