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Monday, January 12, 2009

My January Sale!

January is traditionally the month for sales - and more so than ever in the current recession.

So I thought I'd do my bit and offer my best-selling course, Write Any Book in Under 28 Days, at a full $10 off the standard price for the rest of January.

The course normally sells for $49.95 - in fact, that's what it costs right now if you click through to the main sales site. If you follow the links at the end of this post, however, you can buy the CD for just $39.95 - a full 20% reduction!

In case you don't know, Write Any Book in Under 28 Days was my first course written for The WCCL Network. At its heart is my unique five-step outlining and blueprinting method, which thousands of buyers across the world have used to help create their first book (and in some cases many more...).

Quite apart from the five-step method, however, the course is also crammed with hints and tips on planning, researching, writing, editing and marketing your book, based on my own experience as the author of over 80 titles. Essentially, it's pretty much a 'brain dump' of everything I've ever learned about book writing...

The method set out in Write Any Book in Under 28 Days is suitable for writing both fiction and non-fiction books. Although the course as a whole has a slight bias towards non-fiction (which is what I mainly write), there is also a long section devoted specifically to fiction writing.

Anyway, if you'd like more information, just click through any of the links to Write Any Book in Under 28 Days in this article to visit the main sales page. Don't buy there, though! Instead, click on this link to pay at the discount price using your credit card, or click here to pay at a discount using Paypal. All prices include free world-wide shipping.

Good luck, and I hope you'll soon be joining the many other happy buyers of Write Any Book in Under 28 Days who are now enjoying all the satisfactions and benefits of being published authors. Don't forget, also, to check out the page of unsolicited testimonials the course has generated!

P.S. The discount links will be removed at the start of February, so please don't delay too long if you're thinking of buying!
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Anonymous Russell Smitheram said...

Hi nick.

May I add my 2 cents to this post? I purchased this course as I wanted to write my first non-fiction book. It truly is amazing and I have now planned, blueprinted and written my first book, Debut Dad, which is being published this year.

I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to write a book. The method is proven and anyone can write a book in 28 days...or less!

All The Best.

Russell Smitheram

5:36 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Many thanks, Russell. I appreciate your testimonial. Do let me know when the book is out!

5:48 PM  

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