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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Danielle's Book Trailer Video

In my recent interview with Danielle Thorne, I mentioned that I had been impressed with the video trailer Danielle created to help promote her book The Privateer. Here's a copy of the video...

As ever, if you're receiving this post by email, you will need to visit my blog to see the video.

I asked Danielle how she made this video. Here is her reply:

Book videos are hot right now. Many people are actually paying to have them done, anywhere from $30 to hundreds. Even the big NY Publishers are putting out trailers for their new releases. Most authors, however, are doing their trailers themselves. It's easy, fun, and there is not always a big difference between one done for free and one paid for.

Everyone seems to agree that short, concise videos are the way to go. Too long and they get boring. Too dolled up and they're obnoxious. All one needs is a collection of copyright-free video or pictures, and music as well.

I am no genius when it comes to programming but I can handle basic, elementary ideas. For my book video (they say the phrase 'book trailer' has been copyrighted; I haven't checked this out), I used a program that came with my computer called Windows Movie Maker from Microsoft. This program was very easy to learn and navigate, and fun to experiment with. The basic requirement is uploading pictures from other files of your computer and then clicking and dragging them into sequences. Movie Maker tells you what to do step by step. I never had to look up a tutorial.

The hardest thing I found with Movie Maker was setting the sound up with the trailer once I had the pictures in sequences. This takes some tinkering with and plenty of patience, but once again, diving in to the program and testing its features is the best teacher.

I'm aware that there are many other programs being used to create book videos. For me, the basic programs on my computer worked just as well. It's definitely a matter of creativity and clever advertising over financial investment in this case.

Thanks again to Danielle for generously sharing her knowledge and experience. In my view, if you have a book (or e-book) yourself, it's well worth thinking about following Danielle's example and producing a video trailer for it.



Anonymous Izzy said...

hmm...this is a very interesting method for book promotion. I guess I never thought of it, but it looks like it would be an excellent idea concidering its free, and all of YouTube can see it. I will deffently concider using it if I ever get around to finishing the book I am working on.

4:47 AM  

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