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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Poem by Casey Quinn

As mentioned in this blog post, American poet Casey Quinn visits my blog next week to discuss his new anthology Snapshots of Life.

As a little trailer, I thought today - with Casey's permission - I would reproduce his poem My Niece (as published in Snapshots of Life). I hope you enjoy reading it.

my niece

i talked
to my niece

i had not
seen her
in years

i told her

how tall she got
how grown up she looked,
how smart she seemed.

she told me

how fat i got,
how old i look,
how dumb i am.

it's really great
to catch up
with the family.

As the would-be trendy uncle to two teenage nieces myself, I could really identify with this poem. Although my nieces are far too polite to say anything like that to me, I'm quite sure they must think it at times!

Check back on my blog on Tuesday 26 May to read my interview with Casey and find out more about his poetry and other writing interests, and what tips he has to offer for other aspiring poets. You can also order his book Snapshots of Life via Salvatore Publishing.

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