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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Wealthy Writer FAQ

My new downloadable course The Wealthy Writer - co-written with Ruth Barringham - has been out for a few weeks now.

I'm getting great feedback from buyers (see this review and this blog comment, for example), but I'm also receiving quite a few questions. So I thought I'd publish my answers to the most frequently asked here...

1. What's the difference between The Wealthy Writer and Quick Cash Writing?

Quick Cash Writing is my guide to making money writing short items for (mainly) traditional publishing media. It covers writing articles, fillers, short stories, greeting card ideas, jokes and comedy sketches, and so on.

The Wealthy Writer, on the other hand, is entirely about making money writing for online markets, including blogging, e-book writing, online article writing, bidding on job auction sites, and so forth.

2. How long will The Wealthy Writer be available at its current discount price?

I don't know the answer to this, I'm afraid. Pricing is entirely in the hands of my publishers, The WCCL Network, and they could in theory decide to raise the price at any time. I'm not aware of any immediate plans to do so, but even so I wouldn't leave it too long if you're thinking of buying.

3. Who is the Wealthy Writer aimed at? Is it suitable for anyone?

The Wealthy Writer has been written primarily for writers who have some knowledge of the Internet and are taking their first steps in making money online from their writing skills. It's also suitable for people with more experience who are looking to bring their online earnings up to the next level.

The course does not assume any special knowledge of website building, programming, HTML, and so forth. If you're brand new to the Internet, however, it might not be 100% suitable for you until have a bit more experience of the online world.

4. I have a query about the ordering process. Whom can I ask?

My publishers, The WCCL Network, have a 24-hour customer support website at If you have any queries about ordering, raise a ticket there and one of their trained technicians will get back to you with an answer, normally within 24 hours. is also the place to go if you need technical support with the course, or encounter any problems downloading it.

5. Can you tell me who wrote which chapters?

The Wealthy Writer was a collaborative project between myself and Ruth Barringham. We both worked on every chapter.

I wrote the initial draft of some chapters where I had the greater knowledge or experience, e.g. blogging; and likewise for Ruth, who wrote the initial draft of the chapter on e-book publishing, for example. However, every chapter of the completed course contains input from both of us.

6. How do you recommend approaching the course - there's so much in it?!

It's true, The Wealthy Writer has a LOT of content. In retrospect, we could and perhaps should have produced a number of shorter guides and made more money out of them. However, we wanted to produce one comprehensive guide which covers all the main ways of making money as an online writer - and that is, I hope, what we ended up with.

As we say in the course, we recommend that you do NOT try to do everything covered in The Wealthy Writer at once. Rather, pick one or (at most) two areas and focus on them. Once these are up and running successfully, you can then think about applying some of the other methods described in the course.

7. How do I get the special bonuses you are offering?

The Wealthy Writer already includes a number of bonus items - see the main sales page for more info. However, as a special thank-you to people ordering via my web page, I'm offering two additional bonus items to people who order via my website only.

The bonuses concern the micro-blogging service Twitter, and together explain how writers can use Twitter to help boost their online earnings. Please see my web page for more details, including how to claim your extra bonuses from me. Basically, though, all you have to do is go to the sales site via my link, and send me an email to let me know once you have made your purchase. As soon as I have confirmed this, I will send you my bonus reports.

Finally, if you have any other queries about The Wealthy Writer, please post them below as Comments and I will do my very best to answer them. Alternatively, use the Contact Me form if you don't want your question (and my answer) to appear publicly.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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Anonymous Janet Matthews said...

Hi Nick - your ebook looks really interesting. However I am a little confused about the special price you mentioned. According to the affiliate info at MyHelpHub it says the special offer is $37 and the normal price is $47. The link on your website leads to a page that says the price is $47 - so does that mean you are not offering it at the special price?

3:32 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Hi Janet

Thank you for your query.

At the time this FAQ was written $47 was the lowest price available and it was already a discount on the standard price.

However, you are correct that my publishers (WCCL) subsequently made a lower promotional price of $37 available to affiliates (who receive a lower rate of commission if they sell it at this price). This is not something I have any control over.

I do not know how long this offer will remain open, so for the moment I am only offering TWW at $47. Of course, this price includes my two unique extra bonuses as well. I think $47 is still a very good price considering the size of the course and the huge amount of information it contains.

I hope this will answer your query!


12:47 PM  

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