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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nick Daws' Novella Published!

I'm pleased to reveal that my tongue-in-cheek science-fiction novella The Festival on Lyris Five is now available in both printed and downloadable form.

The Festival on Lyris Five has been published by Salvatore Publishing, a new publishing house run by Guy Cousins and other members of my forum. I'm delighted to be among the first authors to be taken on by Salvatore.

As regards the story, I can't really do better than quote my publisher's blurb:

Former Ten Stars combat pilot Rick Barrett is having a bad day. Not only is he jobless and broke, in a seedy spaceport bar he has just been forced into a winner-takes-all poker game with a homicidal cauliflower. Salvation is at hand in the shapely form of Irish redhead Julie Halloran, who has an unusual talent of her own. Julie has a proposition for Rick that could end his financial worries at a stroke, though it might also end up getting him killed. But is Julie keeping a few cards hidden herself?

The Festival on Lyris Five is a fast-moving, hilarious, science-fiction novella, where nothing is quite what it seems. The story by UK author Nick Daws is beautifully complemented by Louise Tolentino's wry illustrations.

If you'd like to know more, you can read an extract from the story by clicking on the BookBuzzr widget below...

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As you will see, The Festival on Lyris Five is available for purchase in both printed and downloadable form (PDF).

I'd just add that I wrote this story a few years ago, when I had a bit more time for fiction writing. It's proved quite difficult to place, as it's too short for a conventional novel yet too long for most short-story markets. I'm delighted to see it in print at last, much enhanced by Louise's illustrations. I make no claims for The Festival on Lyris Five as a work of literature, but I had a lot of fun writing it, and hope readers will share some of that enjoyment now.

Lastly, I'm planning to launch a competition to win a signed copy of The Festival on Lyris Five soon, so keep watching this blog for details!

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