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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Review: Additional Streams of Income for Writers

Additional Streams of Income for Writers is a new downloadable guide for writers by Ireland-based Amanda Evans, the author of Ghostwriting Uncovered.

Amanda interviewed me as part of the research she undertook for her new guide, and she was kind enough to send a review copy once it was published.

Additional Streams of Income for Writers is an 87-page e-book in the customary PDF format. Amanda has written it from the perspective that in these uncertain times authors need a range of income sources in addition to money generated directly by their writing.

Additional Streams of Income for Writers covers four potential income streams, all Internet-based. They are Google AdSense, paid blogging, paid content websites, and paid advertising. As Amanda says, for most of these you will need your own blog or website. The exception is paid content sites (e.g. Helium), where you simply upload your work to the site in question and collect a share of any advertising revenues generated.

Amanda has enjoyed success with all of these, especially paid content sites (she claims to have made $400 a month from Helium alone). She shares her experience of what works and what doesn't in a style that is easy to understand and assimilate (the odd typo aside!). Screenshots are used where appropriate to clarify points, but not excessively.

Although as an experienced online writer I was familiar with much of the guide's content, Additional Streams of Income for Writers opened my eyes to several additional earning possibilities. I was particularly interested to read the section about paid advertising networks. Although I've sold some advertising space on my websites directly, I've never properly investigated the services that match up web publishers with would-be advertisers. Based on Amanda's advice, I definitely plan to look into this in more detail in future.

Additional Streams of Income for Writers concludes with the thoughts of nine freelance writers (myself included) about multiple streams of income. It's fascinating to compare their replies and discover their attitudes towards paid blogging, content sites, and so on. I've also discovered writers listed in this section whose blogs and Twitter streams I'll be following in future.

In summary, if you're a writer looking to diversify your income online, Additional Streams of Income for Writers is well worth the small investment (it's currently selling at a special launch price of just $12). None of the methods mentioned is likely to make you a fortune, but they could certainly generate a very handy sideline income.

Whether or not you decide to buy Additional Streams of Income for Writers, I also recommend checking out Amanda's blog and following her on Twitter.

* See also my course The Wealthy Writer for a broad range of methods for making money online from your writing skills!

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Blogger Amanda Evans said...

Thanks Nick for your great review. I am delighted that as a seasoned freelance writer and someone with a lot of expertise you found my latest offering to be of use. I wish you the best of luck with the advertising methods listed.

Thanks again,


3:26 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

No problem, Amanda. I enjoyed taking part in the research, and was glad to have the chance to see the finished product.

Good luck with all your writing, and please do let me know of any other products you release in future.


5:57 PM  

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