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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Complete Copywriter Course launched by The Writers Bureau

Regular readers of this blog will know that last year I was commissioned by The Writers Bureau, the UK's leading distance-learning college for writers, to create a course on copywriting for them.

Well, I'm pleased to reveal that the Complete Copywriter Course has just been launched. If you go to this page of their website, you can request a full information pack.

If you're at all interested in signing up for this tutored course, I recommend asking for the info pack (which is, of course, entirely without obligation). There isn't currently a great deal of information about the course on the website itself.

As the course's author I've been receiving a steady stream of queries about it, so I thought I'd take the opportunity to answer some of the most frequently asked questions here. But I do strongly recommend requesting the printed pack from The Writers Bureau to get the full picture...

Q. What exactly does the Complete Copywriter Course cover?

A. As the name indicates, I've tried to provide a comprehensive introduction to copywriting. The course therefore covers writing everything from magazine and newspaper advertisements to TV and radio commercials, press releases and other PR materials to sales letters and newsletters.

Q. Does the course also cover writing for the Internet?

A. Yes, there is a lengthy module devoted to this subject. It covers writing website pages, emails, electronic newsletters, and more. The module also includes a basic introduction to HTML for writers.

Q. Do students on the course get personal tuition?

A. Yes, they do. The Writers Bureau are highly experienced in running distance-learning courses, and - as with their other courses - if you enrol on the Complete Copywriter Course you will have a personal tutor allocated to you.

Q. Are there practical assignments to complete?

A. There are six assignments which cover all the main areas of copywriting. The assignments are based on practical tasks which copywriters might be asked to undertake in their normal day-to-day work. They will be assessed by your tutor, who will provide you with feedback.

Q. Does the course include advice on marketing your copywriting services?

A. Definitely! There is a complete module devoted to this subject, but many of the other modules also include marketing advice. This is very much a practical course, which aims to get you up and running as a professional copywriter in the shortest possible time.

Q. How does The Complete Copywriter Course compare with The Ultimate Copywriter, which has also been mentioned on this blog?

A. The Ultimate Copywriter is a CD-based course published by my blog sponsors, The WCCL Network. WCCL have no connection with The Writers Bureau, who are different clients of mine.

The Ultimate Copywriter (which was not written by me) focuses mainly on online copywriting, and includes some very detailed advice on writing web-based sales pages. It is a self-study course, and unlike the Complete Copywriter Course you do not receive one-to-one feedback from a tutor. This is reflected in its lower price, of course.

The Ultimate Copywriter is written for an international readership. Anyone in the world is welcome to enrol on the Complete Copywriter Course, but it is written more from a UK perspective.

Q. If I enrol, will Nick Daws be my personal tutor?

A. Sorry, no! I'm just too busy with other work to take on this duty as well. However, you can rest assured that your tutor will be an experienced professional copywriter, who is doing this on a part-time, freelance basis.

I hope that's some help, and will save a few people from having to write to me! Although, as I said earlier, if you're at all interested in the Complete Copywriter Course, I do strongly recommend requesting the printed info pack via the Writers Bureau website.

Finally, I should mention that The Writers Bureau has also just launched a new course in Proofreading and Copy Editing, written by my colleague Simon Whaley. Click here to visit the information page for this course.

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Anonymous Proofreading Professional said...

Any copywriting job is a hard one because you are aiming to convince people to do something either to buy your product or to go and read some more. It is twice that hard if you have no background in copywriting. But fear not because there is a shortcut to everything. And that is by getting a copywriting course to teach you the ins and outs of effective copywriting.

8:00 AM  
Anonymous N. said...

The Ultimate Copywriter online course has piqued my curiosity and I'd like to give it a try; however, I'm skeptical of the claims made by the website and worry that even if I were to find the course unsatisfactory, my money may not be refunded. It reeks of 'scam'.
I'd like to know if Daws considers McIntyre and his claims trustworthy enough, for me to take the risk.

Thank you.

5:47 AM  
Blogger Nick said...

Thanks for the query. You can read my review of The Ultimate Copywriter here:

As you'll see, I do think it's a good course, albeit with a certain bias towards online copywriting. All of WCCL's courses are professionally written and edited and produced to a high standard - they don't do 'scams'.

Modesty aside, my course for The Writers Bureau is a bit more comprehensive, though it doesn't go into quite as much depth about website copywriting (The Ultimate Copywriter presents a very specific 15-point formula for website copywriting). With the Writers Bureau course you do get a personal tutor and a series of marked assignments, though this is reflected in its price, of course.

Good luck, whatever you decide!

10:17 AM  
Anonymous fusionedesign1 said...

Thanks for your attempt to explain this to the people. It a great help! Thanks for this one and your site as a whole. I just loved it.

9:43 AM  

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