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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Subscribing and Linking to My Writing Blog

This is probably not going to be the most exciting post you have ever read, but if you're a regular reader of this blog especially, it's an important one.

Due to the blog's growing readership, my sponsors, The WCCL Network, have recently upgraded the hosting. This should mean the blog loads faster and is more reliable (technically, I mean!).

However, one consequence of the changes is that the old URL which included the suffix /writer/ is no more. This has the following consequences for readers...

1. If you have a link to this blog on your own blog or website and it takes the form, it will no longer work correctly. Please change the link URL so it is simply pointing to to rectify this.

2. Likewise, if you have a link to a particular post on my blog, please remove the /writer/ part of the URL. For example, if you have a link to, please change this to All should then work perfectly!

3. If you currently subscribe to my blog using a feed reader such as Google Reader, the old feed will unfortunately no longer work. Please resubscribe using the new XML or RSS URL in the right-hand column of my blog. These URLs are the same as the old ones, except that again the /writer/ element has gone.

Note that if you subscribe to this blog via email - as almost 1000 people do now - this will NOT be affected by these changes.

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused by the changes, which have been made to try to ensure that visitors to my blog do not have their experience spoiled by technical problems. As a short-term measure, my sponsors, WCCL, have built-in redirects, which will work if visitors attempt to access my blog (or old blog posts) via the previous URLs. This is only a partial solution, however, and it is much better if people use the new, streamlined URLs from now on.

Thank you for your interest in my blog, and your patience in reading through to the end of this rather technical announcement!

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