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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

UK Authors: Register Now for Irish PLR

In this post I'm addressing my UK readers in particular (though this news is also relevant if you're a British writer living elsewhere in the world).

The Irish government has just set up a PLR (Public Lending Right) scheme to compensate authors for library lending in the Irish Republic.

If you're a UK book author, and registered with the UK PLR Office, you can apply now to have your personal and book details registered automatically for Irish PLR as well. But you must do this before 23 September 2009 (next Wednesday). If you leave it after that, you will need to apply separately to the Irish PLR office.

If you have an online account with the UK PLR Office, you can log in now and submit your request electronically. If you do not have an online account, you can print out the permission form and return it to the UK PLR office.

If you apply before the 23 September 2009 deadline, you will qualify for the first Irish PLR payout later this year. If you miss the deadline, you are likely to miss out.

More information about the Irish PLR Scheme and its implications for UK authors can be found on this page of the Irish PLR website.

* If you're a British author of at least one published book, I strongly recommend that you register with the UK PLR Office if you haven't already. Otherwise, you will be leaving money that is due to you on the table. See the UK PLR Office website for full details of how to register (don't worry, it's free!). By my reckoning, you should just about have time to register with the UK PLR Office now and apply for Irish PLR before the deadline as well.

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