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Monday, October 12, 2009

Another '28 Days' Testimonial...

I thought today I'd share with you a message that was posted recently as a comment on an older post. It's from a writer named Lindsay Delaney, otherwise known as Linda Eschler. She writes:
I took your Write Any Book in Under 28 Days course in 2005 and now have 6 books published and 3 more in the works. I do book signings at Barnes & Noble, as well as fundraisers and local events along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and two of my books have been on the local best-seller list. I truly believe this is the only course anyone needs to jump start their writing career.
Many congratulations to Lindsay on all her successes. I'm always delighted to receive messages like this - and I've had hundreds now - as they show that my course really is helping aspiring authors to fulfill their book-writing ambitions.

Write Any Book in Under 28 Days is my original, best-selling course written for The WCCL Network. You can read more about it on my publisher's website if you wish, or see an extended excerpt on my homepage. There are also lots of other testimonials for the course (all unsolicited) on this web page.

If you want to write a book, I firmly believe that Write Any Book in Under 28 Days is (still) one of the best guides out there. It won't write your book for you - you will still have to sit down and apply the advice, as Lindsey has done. But if you're prepared to make that commitment, Write Any Book in Under 28 Days (recently revised and updated) really will show you how to write your first full-length book in the shortest possible time.

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