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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Join the WCCL Affiliate Program!

Many of you will know that this blog is sponsored by my publishers, The WCCL Network.

WCCL publish my writing courses such as Write Any Book in Under 28 Days, Essential English for Authors, The Wealthy Writer (co-written with Ruth Barringham), and several more.

What you may not know, however, is that WCCL also run one of the best affiliate programs on the Internet, every day paying out thousands of dollars in commission to people who help generate sales of their products.

If you have a blog or website yourself (or you're active on forums), you could be getting a share of this. The video below from WCCL supremo Karl Moore explains more...

If you are receiving this post by email or RSS, you will need to visit my blog to see the video.

If you would like more information on the program, including my advice on making the most from it, please click here to visit my blog post about the WCCL affiliate program. I've earned thousands myself as a WCCL affiliate, incidentally, so I can testify that it really is well worth signing up!

And finally, as Karl says, you have an extra incentive to join in October, as this month WCCL are running an exciting special promotion where their top-selling affiliates will get an extra bonus of up to 15 percent of their (already generous) commissions.

Good luck, and I hope you sell lots of copies of my writing courses!

UPDATE: I've just heard that WCCL are repeating their popular affiliates bonus promotion in November. So this is still a great time to sign up!

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