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Thursday, November 05, 2009

WCCL Affiliate Contest Winner Announced!

In this recent blog post I discussed the affiliate program run by my publishers (and blog sponsors), The WCCL Network.

The post also mentioned that WCCL were holding a contest for their top-selling affiliate in October. It wasn't me (sniff!) but the winner has just been announced. It was Thomas Herold of the Dream Manifesto website.

You can hear a half-hour interview with Thomas by WCCL's Karl Moore by clicking on the image below...

Thomas's earnings from promoting WCCL's products are pretty staggering. As winner of the contest, he earned 10% of ALL affiliate earnings across the whole network in October, giving him a substantial five-figure sum. And that's in addition to his OWN five-figure affiliate earnings in the month in question!

The interview with Thomas is interesting and informative. Here are a few things I picked up through listening to it...

* Thomas has earned much of his affiliate money by GIVING AWAY a free report from his website.

* He is a big believer in building a community of people who are interested in using the products in question, and ensuring you give them the information they want. Do this, says Thomas, and sales will flow almost automatically.

* You need to be polite but persistent. Most people do not buy the first time they are exposed to a new product.

* Self-development products sell extremely well. Both Thomas and Karl agreed about this.

* Dream Manifesto has its own two-tier affiliate program which would be a good match for anyone who promotes to the self-development market. This link should take you directly to the affiliates sign-up page.

If you're a WCCL affiliate and wondering what you can do to help boost your earnings, I highly recommend listening to this interview. And if you're involved in ANY sort of affiliate marketing (e.g. via ClickBank), I recommend listening anyway. Anyone who can earn over $10,000 a month from affiliate sales alone is surely worth half an hour of your time!

And don't forget, also, if you would like to sign up as an affiliate with WCCL and help to promote my writing courses and other products, you can do so via this page of my blog.

Happy affiliate selling!

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