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Monday, November 23, 2009

The Wealthy Writer Christmas Special!

Christmas is getting closer, so I've decided to make a seasonal special offer on my downloadable course (co-written with Ruth Barringham) The Wealthy Writer.

From now till Christmas, if you order The Wealthy Writer via any of the links in this post, you can get a full TEN DOLLARS off the current advertised price.

Not only that, you will also get the FOUR additional bonus reports that I only send to people ordering from me directly!

In case you haven't heard, The Wealthy Writer is a blockbusting guide to making money from your writing skills on the Internet. It covers a wide range of methods for turning your writing skills to hard cash online, including some I guarantee you won't have thought of!

For much more information about The Wealthy Writer, and an excerpt from the course, just click through any of the links in this post to go to the relevant page of my website, then follow the instructions there to get your $10 discount and claim your four extra bonuses.

Don't leave it too long, though. Like the decorations, this offer will definitely be coming down after Christmas!

* And don't forget - you still have time to enter my contest to win a FREE copy of The Wealthy Writer in my easy-to-enter blog competition. Just click here for full details!

Photo credit: krisdecurtis on Flickr.

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Blogger LORRAINE said...

I AM WRITING A NOVEL,BUT SEEM TO BE CONFUSED BY MY THE FOLLOWING SENTENCE which reads as "Once they'd shone with evergreen beauty,but their time had come to die." should it be written as "Once they'd shone with beauty evergreen,but their time had come to die." i have writers software but it dont change it,is that because it can be written both ways?

12:18 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Hi Lorraine

Either of these is OK, although 'beauty evergreen' sounds a bit precious/poetical to me. I'd stick with 'evergreen beauty' personally.

For future reference, the best place for this sort of query is on my (free) forum at I'm sure you'll understand that I prefer blog comments to relate in some way to the topic of the post in question.

Good luck with all your writing!

5:03 PM  

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