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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nick Daws Writing Courses Updated

For the last few weeks - months, actually - I've been updating my writing courses published by The WCCL Network. The job is now complete, and I'm delighted to say that all courses are fully up to date again!

So, for the benefit of new readers especially, I thought I'd take the chance to mention all of my writing courses currently available from WCCL...

Write Any Book in Under 28 Days is my original, best-selling course designed for anyone who wants to write a book, fiction or non-fiction, in the shortest possible time. At its heart is my unique five-stage outlining and blueprinting system, which thousands of people have used to create books of their own (check out a few of the testimonials the course has received). Apart from that, Write Any Book in Under 28 Days is also crammed with hints and tips on book writing, based on my experience as the author of over 80 non-fiction books and book-length products.

Quick Cash Writing is my blockbusting guide for anyone who wants to start making money from writing as soon as possible. It covers a huge range of shorter writing projects, from readers' letters to articles, greeting card ideas to short stories, TV and movie concepts to jokes and sketches. Every module includes practical 'homework' exercises designed to help you start earning as soon as possible.

Essential English for Authors is my guide for anyone for anyone who would like to write for publication but fears that their written English might let them down. In twelve information-packed modules, Essential English for Authors takes you through all the common problem areas for new writers: from the basics of grammatical sentence and paragraph construction, through principles of capitalization and punctuation, to "minefield" topics such as subject/verb agreement and how to set out and punctuate dialogue. Everything is explained in simple, easy-to-grasp terms, with lots of examples to illustrate the points made.

If you want to ensure that your writing is taken seriously by editors and publishers and not dumped immediately in the 'round file', Essential English for Authors is the guide for you.

How to Win Contests is my insider's guide to winning consumer competitions and sweepstakes. It focuses specifically on slogan contests, where you have to complete a sentence such as 'I love WCCL's writing courses because...' in (say) 15 words or less. These represent a great opportunity for writers, as you really can boost your chances significantly by applying your writing skills. This course explains EXACTLY what to do - and how to do it - to start winning a steady stream of cars, cash, consumer goods, and so on.

Slogan contests are most commonly found in the UK and Ireland, so How to Win Contests is best suited for people in those countries. Increasingly, however, slogan contests are appearing in other parts of the world too - so reading this guide will give you a great headstart on your compatriots!

My most recent writing course, which was co-written with Australia-based writer and publisher Ruth Barringham, focuses on how you can make big money applying your writing skills on the Internet. It covers all the main methods of making money online, including blogging, article-writing, e-book writing, bidding for work on job auction sites, and so on. If you're a writer and you're online, this is the course you need to bring your income up to the next level!

* I'm currently offering a special EXTRA BONUS for anyone ordering The Wealthy Writer via my homepage. Please click on this link for more information!

That's all, except to say that in the next few weeks WCCL will be launching a brand new Nick Daws writing course - so keep watching this blog for further announcements!

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Blogger Annemarie said...

Dear Nick,

A few years ago i did buy your boekwriting course on cd. By then i had written allready two books. The first book took me 5 years before it was published, the second took me a year. I was working on a third book, that now is at the editor. But book number four, i wrote using everyting i learned from your course. I prepared it during 3 months, and wrote it in 10 days. Then three months later it was published, much quicker then book number 3 that only now is at the editor. Thank you for your wonderful course. Today i told some other people about your course, i have referred them to you, and that is the reason that i give you this testimonial as well. I will always use what i learned from you, because it speeds up the proces so tremendously.

Kind regards,
Annemarie Tinbergen

9:59 AM  
Blogger Nick said...

Thank you, Annemarie. I am delighted that you found my course so helpful, and would like to congratulate you on completing your latest book.

2:16 PM  

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