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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The 10-Day E-Book: Your Questions Answered

It's a few weeks now since my latest WCCL writers guide, The 10-Day E-Book, was launched.

I've been getting some great feedback from buyers of this course about e-book writing and selling - such as this blog comment, for example.

I've also been receiving lots of questions, however - so I thought to save everyone (including me) a little time and effort, I'd try to answer the most frequently asked questions below...

Will The 10-Day E-Book really show me how to write an e-book in just 10 days?

Certainly! In fact, if you follow my recommended schedule, you'll have finished your e-book sooner than this. The later days in the schedule concern setting up your e-book's sales page and marketing it.

On the other hand, nobody says you HAVE to stick to the ten-day schedule. It is really just a convenient device for breaking up the work involved in writing your e-book and bringing it to market.

If you want to take longer over the project - perhaps because you have a full-time day job as well - there is certainly no objection to this.

How Does The 10-Day E-Book differ from Write Any Book in Under 28 Days?

Write Any Book in Under 28 Days is my original, CD-based course published by The WCCL Network.

As the name suggests, Write Any Book in Under 28 Days is really intended for people who want to write a traditional, printed book. All the advice it contains is based on this assumption.

The 10-Day E-Book does borrow some techniques from Write Any Book in Under 28 Days, especially where writing and editing are concerned. As the old proverb goes, there's no point reinventing the wheel! However, the methods are adapted for e-books, which differ in some very important respects from printed books.

The advice in The 10-Day E-Book about setting up your sales page, choosing a publishing platform, marketing your e-book, recruiting affiliates to help sell it, and so on, is - of course - all completely new and original.

I have ordered The 10-Day E-Book but haven't received the download details. Help!

I've had a couple of queries along these lines. When you order an email should be automatically sent to you explaining how to access your purchase. Occasionally, however, these emails do appear to go astray.

Before anything else, therefore, you should check your Junk or Trash email folders, to ensure that the message (which will come from has not been incorrectly diverted there by your email software.

Failing that, just go to my publisher's customer support website at and raise a ticket there. One of their technicians will get back to you, normally within 24 hours, and arrange to resend the download details. Don't worry, you won't just be abandoned!

Incidentally, is also the place to go if you have any other technical problems, or questions you would like answered before or after buying. I'd like to help you myself, but for technical matters and ordering queries, you are really much better going direct to them!

Money is tight at the moment. Is there any way I can get a discount on The 10-Day E-Book?

I should clarify that as the author I have no control over the price which my publishers charge for The 10-Day E-Book.

However, I have been able to negotiate a $20 discount for people who buy via my website. Just click on any of the links to The 10-Day E-Book in this post for more details. I am also giving away three additional bonus reports to people buying via my website.

Do you run an affiliate program for The 10-Day E-Book?

I don't, but my publishers, The WCCL Network, certainly do!

If you have a blog or website, you can sign up as an affiliate with them and earn a generous commission on any sales made to people who have ordered via your links.

If you are interested in this opportunity, I recommend that you first read the Affiliate Information post on this blog, then click through the link in that article to sign up.

Note that, once you are a WCCL affiliate, you can promote any of their products. As well as writing courses like The 10-Day E-Book, these include self-development products, Internet privacy and security software, Windows utility programs, and so on.

I hope that answers these common questions at least, but feel free to post any other queries as comments below and I will do my very best to answer them!

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Anonymous Lesley Galston said...

Hi Nick, as I previously stated on facebook, am seriously considering purchasing your new course 10 day E book. You mention I can get a discount through yourself but husband who is backing me as currently I have no independant income noticed on WCCL site they are offering money back guarentee. Does the same guarentee apply if I buy through your site at discounted price, this is more for husbands peace of mind not mine.

11:03 AM  
Blogger Nick said...

Thanks for your question, Lesley. You will still be buying the course from WCCL, and their guarantee will definitely still apply. All you will be doing is accessing their sales page via my affiliate link.

Hope that will reassure you (and your husband!). Thank you for your interest in The 10-Day E-Book.


11:20 AM  
Anonymous Andy said...

Hi Nick, having already purchased your excellent 'Wealthy Writer' Course, I'm also interested in your 10-DAY E-BOOK Course. I'm a WCCL Affiliate, so am promoting both Courses on my writer's site, and will probably purchase 10-DAY E-BOOK in any case. One thing intrigues me though - why have we still not seen the cover design for 10-DAY E-Book..? I thought it unusual to launch an important new product without a cover I'd like to know when it's available, so I can show it on my site. Look forward to finding out soon. Thanks. Andy Gage

12:10 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Thanks for your kind comments, Andy. To be honest, I'm a bit surprised about this as well.

It's actually down to my publishers, WCCL, whether to produce a cover image, rather than me personally. However, now you've raised the topic, I will certainly ask them about this!

You can also ask them directly if you wish, by raising a ticket on their support site at

Good luck with your affiliate selling!

1:24 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Andy, I've heard from WCCL now, and they're not planning on producing a cover image.

As an alternative, I've taken a screen grab of the cover page of 10-Day E-Book, which is now in place at the top of this post. It's not exactly a cover shot, but might serve at a pinch. You're welcome to copy and paste it for your own use. Clicking on the blog image will take you to a full-sized version.

Hope this helps!

10:55 AM  
Blogger Bridget said...

Hi Nick
I'm really interested in buying your course but none of the links are working? Any idea when it will be available to buy?

11:17 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Just checked and it's all working fine for me, Bridget. Maybe there was a temporary problem earlier? Try going to my homepage at and follow the advice on there, to get my extra discount and bonuses.

Failing that, raise a ticket at my publisher's customer support website at and they should be able to find a solution for you.

Thank you for your interest in The 10-day E-Book!

9:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Nick, I wanted to ask about the size of your 10 Day E-Book. Is it possible perhaps to reply with the number of pages contained in the ebook?
Thanks very much!

6:28 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Blimey, I've never been asked that before!

The main guide, which is in PDF format, has 174 pages - it is quite substantial, therefore.

This figure does not include the bonus items, which are in separate files.

Hope that answers your question :)

7:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering my question within minutes Nick! I'm speechless! That is a nice size book and does help me to justify the cost - not that your price is unreasonable - it's not. But we are a single income fam, with 6 kids still at home, and hubby's work is so slow he has taken on a 2nd job. I have at least 2 ebooks in my head, and would love to follow your guide, and not have to reinvent the wheel on my own. As soon as we can afford the price, I will buy a copy.
Thank you again for your quick reply!!

7:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Nick,
One more question please. I was just reading one of the ad pages on the ebook ( and noticed towards the bottom of the page by the red check marks area, it does say there that the book is 'over 115 pages'? Has the book been ammended or updated to account for the 59 page difference in your reply?
Thank you again!

8:42 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

No problem. I've tried to write short courses, but somehow it never works out!

Good luck in achieving your writing ambitions.


8:39 AM  
Blogger Nick said...

Sorry, I almost overlooked your other question!

I don't exactly know where WCCL got the other figure, but it's possible it refers to my original manuscript in Microsoft Word. After formatting, not surprisingly, it took up a few more pages.

The figure I quoted is the page total in the version of the PDF course manual I have, which as far as I know is the latest one that WCCL are selling. For any more info than that, you would need to speak to WCCL, I guess!

12:44 PM  

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