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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ten Things You Don't Know About Me...

I was recently tagged on this blog meme by author and publisher Kristin Callender. It sounded fun, so here are my ten things.

I must admit that one or two of these you may know already if you're a regular reader - but I'm willing to bet you won't know them all, unless you're a close relative or MI5 agent!

1. I have three sisters, one of whom is an ordained minister.

2. For ten years I was an active member of an amateur theatre company. I took part in many shows, including one - The Human Puppet Theatre - which was taken to the Edinburgh Festival.

3. I once had a small part in a cult horror film called Demagogue. I appeared in three scenes, in the last of which I was stabbed to death by a deranged gardener using a dibber!

4. And still on my acting 'career', I also took part in a fire safety film for British Gas employees. I played the good guy (type casting?) who left his desk as soon as the fire alarm sounded. My colleague Ted played the bad guy, who stayed at his desk to finish his work, and met an untimely end.

5. My last 'proper' job before I became a full-time freelance writer was as Information Officer for a small national charity based in Birmingham (UK).

6. My first published full-length book was How To Find Your Ideal Partner, a guide for singletons still seeking the love of their life.

7. I'm a keen amateur cook, and prepare most of the meals in our house. I often seek out new and interesting recipes on the Internet.

8. My favourite holiday destination is Greece.

9. I wrote (arguably) the first guide to the Internet specifically for writers, called - amazingly enough - The Internet for Writers. I also created (arguably) the first interactive writing tutorial for writers, Creative Writing 1.0, which was published on a 3.5 inch diskette by Way Ahead Electronic Publishing.

10. Among my more unusual writing assignments, I have been commissioned to write the scripts for the Cyberbabe and Cyberboyfriend CD-ROMs, descriptions of antique beds for the online auction site eBay, the scenario and rules for a board game called The Legend of Doom Island, and the (humorous) introductions to a series of novelty cookery books.

So that's my ten items - hopefully I may have surprised you with one or two of these!

I'm not tagging anyone specifically for this meme, but if you're a blogger yourself, you are very welcome to try it also. Once your post is up, please let me know the URL and I'll be delighted to add a link to it here.

And here's the first, from Lesley Galston!

P.S. The photo shows me on holiday in Cyprus a couple of years ago. How I could do with a bit of that sunshine now!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

[i]I also created (arguably) the first interactive writing tutorial for writers, Creative Writing 1.0, which was published on a 3.5 inch diskette by Way Ahead Electronic Publishing.[/i]

Nick, that sounds rather familiar. If it was also available for the Amstrad PCW then I wrote a review of it for PCW Plus magazine and earned forty pounds, plus I was allowed to keep the copy ;-)


3:22 AM  
Blogger Nick said...

Hi Gyppo

Yes, there was a version for the Amstrad PCW - shows how long ago it must have been...

The publishers, Way Ahead, hired a specialist programmer to convert it to the CP/M operating system, and if memory serves me right, there may have been the odd technical issue with it. I hope you weren't too harsh in your review!

Incidentally, there was also Creative Writing 2.0, a couple of years later, but by then the era of the PCW was pretty much over, and only a Windows version was produced.

10:22 AM  

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