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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Writers Bureau Annual Poetry & Short Story Competition Now Open

My friends - and clients - at The Writers Bureau, Britain's leading creative writing home-study college, have just launched their annual Poetry and Short Story Competition for 2010.

The competition will be judged by Iain Pattison (short stories) and Alison Chisholm (poetry). Last year’s winners can be viewed at

The total prize money this year is £4000. The first prize in each category is £1000, second prize £400, third prize £200, fourth prize £100, and there are six runner-up prizes of £50 each. The theme is open, so entrants can choose to write about any subject.

Poems must not not exceed 40 lines and short stories 2000 words.

The winners will be featured in Freelance Market News, the market research newsletter published by The Writers Bureau, and on The Writers Bureau's competition website, giving the winners a chance to showcase their work and boost their profile.

The entry fee for each poem or short story is £5 or $9 US, and the closing date is 30 June 2010. Entry can be either online or through the post.

The contest is open world-wide. Non-UK entrants can submit work via the website and pay the entry fee using a credit or debit card.

For entry forms or further information, visit You can also write to The Competition Secretary, Dept Comppr, The Writers Bureau, Sevendale House, 7 Dale Street, Manchester, M1 1JB, or phone 00 44 161 228 2362.

If you enjoy writing poetry or short stories, in my opinion this well-established, high-profile contest is well worth a shot.

Photo credit: Lost in Scotland on Flickr

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am singer songwriter Tally Koren and I have just launched a poetry competition!

This competition is about writing the best poem with 72 words. I found out in my long experience as a writer that the art of writing good lyrics is to be able in 3 minutes to share an emotion, while when creating a film you need over 90 minutes sometimes! I would like to invite you to write a sing with 72 words and I will compose the song of the winning lyrics. The 72 does not need to included repeated choruses, just the idea.

1st Prize -- The winner's poem will go on to be will be composed by me.

2nd Prize -- An invite to the single launch party.

3rd Prize -- signed copy of 72 Names (Hallelujah)

Everyone who enters gets a free download. To claim it go to

12:28 PM  

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