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Friday, June 18, 2010

Two Free E-Books on Blogging for Profit

I know many readers of this blog are bloggers themselves, or are at least interested in doing so. And blogging for profit is, of course, one of the topics I cover in detail in my WCCL course The Wealthy Writer.

So I thought some of you might be interested in the current free e-book offer from successful entrepreneur-blogger John Chow.

John earns over $40,000 a month from blogging (much more than I do, incidentally!). I have to admit that I've only become aware of John fairly recently, but I'm already impressed with the amount of valuable information he shares for free. If you're a blogger or would-be blogger and you're not already following John Chow's blog, you probably should be.

John is currently giving away not one but two free e-books about blogging. The first is called The Ultimate Blog Profit Model. This well-written 60-page PDF sets out the exact method John uses to make money from blogging. I know it's a bit of a cliche, but this really is crammed with valuable hints and tips for bloggers. Even if you don't want to copy John's methods exactly - and you may or may not - I'd defy anyone not to pick up some useful ideas. I've copied a sample page from the e-book below, so you can judge the content and production quality...

John Chow's Ultimate Blog Profit ModelSample page from The Ultimate Blog Profit Model e-book

The other e-book is a shorter guide to how to get more comments on your blog. Getting comments is the key to boosting your blog's search engine rankings and helping create a sense of community around it. Again, there are lots of good ideas here you may want to put into practice on your own blog.

To get hold of the two free e-books, just visit John Chow's Blog Profit Camp website and enter your name and email address where shown. Once you have confirmed your email, you will be sent download links for the two free e-books.

And in case you're wondering, there aren't any hidden fees to pay or annoying 'one-time offers' to negotiate. The e-books do mention John Chow's Blog Profit Camp, a ten-week training course for bloggers that readers are invited to sign up for. There is no obligation to do so, however, and the free e-books are still extremely useful and informative in their own right.

Happy blogging!

UPDATE: John has just added a third free e-book to his offer called Living The Dot Com Lifestyle: How To Have Time, Money and Location Freedom. If you've already downloaded the first two e-books, you should have had an email about this. If you haven't yet, you will now get download links for all three e-books when you sign up.

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