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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Problogger Seven Link Challenge

Problogger 7 Link Challenge
This post was written for Problogger’s 7 link challenge. Here is my list of seven links and a little bit about each...

* This blog’s first post was on November 30 2005. I've written another 590 posts since then!

* The post I enjoyed writing the most was my recent Three Ways to Make Money With Fiverr. I really enjoyed researching this article and adding screengrabs to illustrate it. I also got a kick out of the fact that a number of people commented or emailed to say how useful they had found it.

* A post which had a great discussion was Should Writers Work for Peanuts? It's a subject I feel quite strongly about, and so did many readers.

* A post on another site that I wish I had written is How to Get Things Done When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed by Darren Rowse on Problogger. I know from messages I receive that many aspiring writers feel overwhelmed at times, and this post contains some great advice from a man who really has been there and got the tee-shirt.

* My most helpful post is probably Ten Top Tips on Grammar and Punctuation. Though I'm cheating a little here, as this is actually a list of ten different posts I have made on this subject!

* The post title I am most proud of is Tense in Fiction. Even though this was written three years ago, it still gets a stream of search-engine traffic, and is short and to the point.

* A post I wish more people had read is Interview With New Novelist Ali Cooper. Ali took the trouble to provide some very detailed and informative answers to my questions, and I'm a little disappointed more people didn't read it and post comments or questions.

So those are my seven posts. If you've enjoyed reading about them (and, I hope, visiting the posts concerned), why not do the same for your own blog? Here is a link to the rules again. Once you've written your post, do feel free to publicize it in a comment below.

Photo Credit: Leo Reynolds on Flickr.

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