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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Guest Post Guidelines

Like many bloggers, I'm always happy to consider guest posts for My Writing Blog.
Guest posts provide fresh perspectives for my readers and extra publicity (and links) for the writer concerned.
If you are interested in contributing a guest post, here are a few guidelines to increase the chances that I will be able to accept your work.
LENGTH: Guest posts should normally be between 500 words (minimum) and 1000 words. However, I am willing to consider articles longer than this, if the subject matter merits it.
CONTENT: Guest posts should be suitable for my readership of writers and aspiring writers, and should provide practical advice and information they can apply in their own writing. The usual rules apply, i.e. guest posts should not be overtly promotional, with any self-publicizing text (and links) in a 'resource box' (or byline, as some prefer to call it) at the end. Please note that I do not allocate topics to guest bloggers - I expect them to come up with suitable ideas themselves, based on a careful study of the type of content I use on the blog.
ORIGINALITY: Your post must be original and must never have been published before on the Internet. You must also agree to not publish the post anywhere else in future (i.e. on your own blog, or as a guest post on other blogs).
LINKS: Up to two self-promoting links are allowed in the resource box at the end of the article. No more than one of these links should be SEO'd with anchor text, and this must be relevant to the article topic. Likewise, links are only allowed in the body of the article if they are clearly relevant to the article topic. UPDATE: Please note also that promotional links may only point to blogs or websites owned by the writer him/herself (and I will need to verify ownership details). Promotional links to third-party websites for SEO purposes are not permitted. For the reasons behind this, pleass scroll down to the bottom of this post.
FORMAT: Keep the formatting as simple as possible - plain text files (.txt) are ideal. Basic HTML is OK, but no smart quotes or other Word characters. If you don't want to use HTML for links, indicate where you want links to point by putting the destination URL in square brackets after the text concerned.
IMAGES: Images I can use to accompany guest posts are welcome, but you MUST provide proof that you have authorization to reproduce them. Otherwise, I will source a suitable image myself.
EDITING: I reserve the right to make minor edits to all guest posts, to ensure that they fit in with the general style and quality standard of my blog.
To submit guest posts, please use the Contact Me Form on this blog. If you prefer to submit by email, please use the Contact Me Form to make a request and I will send you my email address by return. I prefer not to publish my email address on the blog, to reduce the amount of spam email I receive.
If you have any queries, again, you are welcome to write to me via my Contact Me Form. I am also happy to receive guest post proposals and can give a general indication of whether any potential topic might be suitable or not. Please note that I cannot give a definite yes or no until I have seen the full article, however. I am equally happy to receive completed guest posts submitted 'on spec'.
I look forward to receiving your guest post soon!
Photo Credit: Disparkys on Flickr.
PLEASE NOTE: I am no longer accepting guest posts written on behalf of third-party websites and submitted solely for SEO purposes. My experience is that such articles tend to be poorly researched and written, and do not display the personal knowledge or passion for the subject matter that I require for my blog. There have also been issues over copyright infringement. As stated above, promotional links may only point to blogs or websites owned by the writer concerned, and I will need to verify this myself. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Nick. Can you please check if your Kontactr is working properly? It kept telling me the code is wrong.

8:59 AM  
Blogger Nick said...

Hi Sudeep. Just tried and it's working fine for me. IF you're still having no luck, you can use this temporary email address to contact me: NickDaws AT Note that this is a disposable address which will expire after 7 days.

10:55 AM  

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