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Friday, January 28, 2011

Review: Purple Snowflake Marketing

Purple Snowflake MarketingI was recently sent a review copy of the revised, second edition of Purple Snowflake Marketing by Canada-based authors and entrepreneurs Dave and Lillian Brummet.

Purple Snowflake Marketing is a substantial (195-page) e-book in the standard PDF format.

It is aimed primarily at authors who have had books published and want to promote them to generate as many sales as possible, rather than rely on their publishers to do this. This is certainly advisable for any new author, unless perhaps they are already famous (or infamous!).

Many aspects of the guide would also be relevant and useful for self-published (as opposed to just self-promoting) authors, and e-book authors. The particular circumstances of such authors are not addressed separately, though.

The name Purple Snowflake Marketing comes from the authors' observation that writers today need to take any action they can to try to ensure that their book stands out amid the 'snowstorm' of other titles. Their stated aim is to help ensure that the reader's book gets noticed, even in today's overcrowded market, like a purple snowflake among a multitude of white ones!

My first impression of Purple Snowflake Marketing was that it is well written, in a friendly yet authoritative style. It is presented neatly and professionally, and I was pleased to discover that the Table of Contents has hyperlinks to the chapters and sections concerned - always helpful with e-books.

There are 19 main chapters, and an impressive 26 Appendices (one for every letter of the alphabet!). The authors begin by looking at book marketing in general, and set about answering some common new-author questions. They then discuss the specifics of book marketing in more detail, covering such areas as getting reviews, preparing marketing materials, arranging book events, distributing press releases, and so on.

One chapter I particularly enjoyed was Purple Snowflake Techniques. As you might gather, this lists a large number of unusual and in some cases off-the-wall promotional methods. Here's just one example:

Take a stroll and occasionally place a business card on outdoor dining tables at malls, outdoor cafes or mall benches. Use this strategy whenever you visit a pub, restaurant or lounge. Don't forget hotel rooms, conference rooms and other public gathering places.

Some of the ideas originate with Dave and Lillian themselves, while others come from other authors. I gather that many of the latter derive from interviews the authors have conducted on their online radio show, Conscious Discussions, on BlogTalkRadio. In any event, the chapter is certainly a rich reservoir of promotional ideas.

The Appendices take up over sixty pages of the book, and (according to the authors - I didn't count them myself!) list over 900 free and low-cost resources. These include search engine submission services, book review sites, press release and article distribution services, author-friendly radio shows, blogs, and more. The resources include many websites, but also the addresses (and other contact details) of relevant businesses and organizations. This list of resources is potentially worth much more than the modest price of the book alone.

In summary, Purple Snowflake Marketing would be a great guide for any author looking to boost their sales through taking on at least some of their own marketing and promotion. It's not a 'magic system' - you have to be prepared to put some effort in - but if you have the time and inclination to do so, Purple Snowflake Marketing will guide you every step of the way.

My only slight criticism is that - as indicated earlier - the manual doesn't specifically cover self-publishing authors and e-book authors (e.g. the growing band who are enjoying success publishing for the Amazon Kindle). Many of the techniques listed in Purple Snowflake Marketing could easily be adopted by such authors, but it would be nice to see more reference to them specifically. Maybe in the next edition!

Nonetheless, at its current offer price of just $16.74, I believe this new edition of Purple Snowflake Marketing would make an invaluable addition to any self-promoting author's library.

Disclosure Notice: I received a free review copy of Purple Snowflake Marketing from the author/publishers. The links above are also affiliate links, so if you follow the link and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission. This has not influenced my review of the product in any way, however.

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