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Monday, December 26, 2011

JustRetweet: A Great, Free Traffic-Building Resource for Bloggers and Twitter Users

JustRetweet is a new service I found out about recently and have adopted enthusiastically. If you're a blogger and/or a Twitter user, I strongly recommend you check it out.
As the name indicates, JustRetweet aims to provide a simple method for members to get additional "retweets" of selected Twitter updates, thus helping them reach a much wider audience.
The way it does this is ingenious. You get a certain number of "credits" for joining up, and can get more by retweeting other people's updates. You can also buy credits if you want, although there is certainly no need (or obligation) to do so.
You can then get your own updates retweeted by listing them on the website, along with the number of credits you are willing to provide for each retweet. You can also set the minimum number of followers a member must have to qualify for your offer. In addition, you can offer credits for people to visit your blog or website, and/or to follow you on Twitter.
You can also in theory enter your blog's RSS feed, so all your blog posts are automatically listed for retweeting. I say "in theory" because this didn't work for me, as for some reason JustRetweet won't validate this blog's RSS feed. However, it seems to me you may be better off listing posts you want retweeted individually anyway, as you can then pick how many credits you want to allocate to each one.
JustRetweet is the creation of blogger Valentine Belonwu, and it is supported by a number of high-profile bloggers, including Gail Gardner, Ana Hoffman, Ms Ileane and Sharon Hurley Hall. Ms Ileane (who runs the excellent Basic Blog Tips website), has also produced a useful introductory video showing how JustRetweet works. I've embedded this below...

As ever, if you're receiving this blog post by email or RSS, you may need to visit my blog to watch the video.
JustRetweet is a hugely promising service and deserves support, so please do take a look at the site at least. And if you have any comments or questions, as ever, please feel free to post them below.
Disclosure: If you join JustRetweet via my one of my links in this post, I will get an extra 25 credits. That's not exactly a fortune - it might be enough to get one of my blog posts retweeted once - but it does demonstrate yet another way you can earn credits on the site.

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Anonymous valentine belonwu said...

Hi Nick,
Thanks so much for the review. Actually am still working very hard to add more features such as Schedule post that will work via facebook and twitter so that users can select a number of tweets they would likely to go viral and also am adding an analysis which everyone will could be able to track how their credits is being spent etc.

Thanks once again for your writing!

4:48 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Thank you, Valentine :-)

JustRetweet is a brilliant concept, with similar benefits to Triberr (which I also joined recently), but none of the downsides. It also offers many additional possibilities that Triberr doesn't.

I'm already hugley impressed with the benefits JustRetweet offers, and excited to see the new features you are working on. Thanks again for all your hard work on this excellent service.

2:18 PM  
Anonymous Jessica said... sounds a little spammy. I mean, is the ultimate goal to have your tweet read by people who value it, or to be able to say a certain # retweeted? It sounds like all of these would be meaningless retweets in the sense that people would be retweeting in order to gain retweets themselves. Sort of how spambots increase your numbers of followers, but are meaningless because they aren't real people.

5:27 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Thanks for your comment, Jessica.

If you retweeted every available message on JustRetweet, I agree that it would look spammy, and you would lose a lot of followers as a result. That's really not a sensible way to use the site, therefore.

The way I use JustRetweet is to choose selectively from the tweets that are available, only RTing those I think would be of interest to my readers. I'm finding a few such messages every day, and that's plenty to keep my own account topped up with credits. As the user-base grows, the number of available (and suitable) messages for retweeting will inevitably increase as well.

In my view, the beauty of JustRetweet is that it is NOT automated. You have complete control over what you choose to share on Twitter. Many of the JustRetweet posts I've retweeted are ones I would have RT'd anyway, so it's nice to receive credits for this as well.

I would only say, if you're not sure, give it a try. You may be pleasantly surprised by how well the system works. And the more people who join, as I've noted, the better it will be for all concerned.

5:54 PM  
Anonymous training courses WA said...

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7:18 AM  
Anonymous articles on writing said...

Looks like a very useful tool.:) Thanks for sharing, looking forward reading all your post this 2012. Cheers! :)

9:37 AM  
Anonymous Gail Gardner said...

Thank you for sharing about JustRetweet and Ileane's video. You are absolutely correct about what you wrote in the comments here in reply to Jessica. The way to use the site correctly is to select only those tweets you would RT anyway.

We encourage users to only share their very best content that they believe others will want to see. JustRetweet is an excellent way to discover other bloggers and the reason you see influential bloggers there is that we invite each other in to use the site. That benefits those who don't already know us, too!

If you want to automate some tweets you can use Twitterfeed or to share content for bloggers you totally trust. I wrote about that in one of the many posts on my Twitter Best Practices page. I'm not sure what blogger might do with a link so I'll try putting that post in the URL field and if that doesn't work I'll see if I can share it separately.

2:07 AM  
Anonymous Gail Gardner said...

You and your readers might find these posts useful for using JustRetweet:

You might want to put either or both of those in your post.

2:10 AM  
Blogger Nick said...

Thanks, Gail. Some good tips there, and I hope readers will follow them up (and join JustRetweet, of course).

And yes, the link from your name works fine. I'm sorry the Blogger platform doesn't handle comments as well as it ought to. One of these days I hope to upgrade to Wordpress, but that does depend on my sponsors (and publishers), The WCCL Network.

8:47 AM  
Blogger Nick said...

Thanks for your second comment too (sorry, only just noticed it). I will check out the articles you mention, and recommend any of my readers here to do likewise.

FYI, I'm planning to do another post about JustRetweet myself soon, with some tips and advice from my own experience.

8:58 AM  
Anonymous Gail Gardner said...

Hi Nick,

When you do let me know and I'll share the post for you - or put it on JustRetweet and I'll see it there.

Did you know you can install CommentLuv on Blogger? Ileane did a video on Basic Blog Tips:

I can deal with commenting on blogger as long as you keep offering the name/URL option. Trying to get any of the others to log in can often not work and when that happens - no comments from me. :-)

8:02 PM  

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