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Thursday, September 20, 2012

I'm Going Out of Print!

Well, one of my books is, anyway...

Start Your Own Home-Based Business was published last year by Lotus Publishing.

It's a guide to every aspect of starting and running a business from home. It covers everything from assessing your suitability to choosing the right business, raising finance to marketing and credit control.

For added inspiration, the book also includes over fifty home-based business profiles. It was written primarily for the UK market, and has attracted eleven reviews on Amazon UK, all either four or five stars (and not one of them written by me, lol).

The book's latest run has now almost sold out, and once it does it will then be out of print. My publishers have told me that due to adverse trading conditions they don't intend to publish another edition until things improve - which given the current economic outlook could be a very long time!

This seems a pity to me, as the book was fully revised and updated only last year and in most respects is still completely up to date. It remains highly relevant to anyone who is thinking of setting up in business from home, whether as a writer or something else. I've therefore bought up the remaining stock at my author's discount and will be selling them on myself.

The recommended price of SYOHBB is £12.99 and I see that it is today selling on Amazon at £10.90 (while stocks remain).

Obviously, I need to offer you an extra incentive to buy from me, so here's the deal. Send me a cheque or (preferably) a PayPal payment of £8.95 (UK only). You will then receive:

1. A pristine copy of the book sent post-free to your home address.
2. My signature at the front of the book, with (optionally) any inscription you wish.
3. A full-colour PDF version of the book, fully searchable, sent by email.

If you'd like to order, please write using my blog's Contact Me form. Let me know how you would like to pay, and I'll email the necessary information through to you.

Incidentally, I'm assuming this offer will be mainly of interest to people in the UK (as the book refers to UK tax laws, resources, organizations, and so on) - but if anyone overseas would like a copy, I've no objection. Please just add an extra £2 for postage, making it £10.95 inclusive.

Not only would Start Your Own Home-Based Business make a great reference resource for anyone planning on going down this route, it would also make a very nice Christmas present ;-)

Just remember, I only have a very limited stock - and when it's gone, it really will be gone for good!

Thank you, and I hope to hear from you soon if you would like a copy.

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