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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Review: RebelMouse Infestation by Jimmy Mancini

In this post a few weeks ago I mentioned a new social media site called RebelMouse.

It's a free service that lets you create your own social media homepage in literally just a few minutes.

Your RebelMouse page can be set up to feature posts from Facebook (including fan pages), Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can also include any RSS feed you like.

I set up my own personal RebelMouse page, and you can view it here if you like. As I said in my earlier post, one thing I like about RebelMouse is the opportunity it gives me to review my own posts and links I have shared. Seeing them all with illustrations and excerpts is a great reminder of interesting posts I need to revisit, and gives me a useful overview of the resources I've been sharing. And, of course, my RebelMouse page provides backlinks to my own blog posts (good for SEO) and helps attract more traffic to them.

Even so, a new guide called RebelMouse Infestation - of which I was lucky enough to receive a review copy - has opened my eyes to a much broader range of things you can do with RebelMouse. It's by Jimmy Mancini and currently on special offer at The Warrior Forum. It's really a look at what you can do with RebelMouse from a marketer's perspective.

What you get for your money (under $8 at the time of writing) is a 35-page downloadable PDF crammed with screengrab illustrations. The first part takes you step by step through setting up a (free) RebelMouse account if you haven't already. The second part - which personally I found a lot more interesting - reveals various ways you can use RebelMouse as a marketing and money-making tool.

I discovered some very interesting info in this part of the manual, including the fact that you can "claim" up to 50 RebelMouse pages with any suffix you like as long as it isn't already taken. So as well as a page with your own name, you could have a page with the URL or (undoubtedly more marketable) RebelMouse gathers popularity, I can foresee a sort of online gold rush going on here!

Another thing I hadn't really considered is that you can use RebelMouse to set up affiliate sites with content from Amazon, eBay or other online stores by including the appropriate RSS feed with your affiliate ID. The manual does explain briefly how to do this, although for more info you might want to consider buying the OTO (one time offer), a video training course which goes into more detail about this and other matters. In case it helps, though, I've written down a few notes based on what I've learned about setting up Amazon affiliate sites on RebelMouse, which anyone buying RebelMouse Infestation via my link should receive as well (see below).

Even without the video training, however, after a little bit of additional research on the internet, I set up this "Space Operas" RebelMouse page, which lists popular books and e-books on Amazon that have been tagged with "space opera". All titles shown are automatically coded with my affiliate link, of course. I'm impressed by how easy the process was, and plan to set up a few more sites along these lines as well.

Overall, I thought RebelMouse Infestation offered useful step-by-step instructions on setting up a RebelMouse account (though this is actually pretty straightforward) and also an eye-opening guide to how to harness its potential as a marketing and money-making tool. It's not the best-written guide I've ever seen - the services of a good proofreader/editor would have improved it immeasurably - though the illustrations do make up for this to some extent.

RebelMouse is already growing at an astonishing rate, and they have lots of new features in the pipeline. RebelMouse Infestation is a handy (and inspiring) guide for anyone who wants to ride the wave of this latest social media phenomenon. Even if you don't choose to buy it, though, I do still strongly recommend setting up a RebelMouse site now while most names are still available. As well as your own name, you could set up sites for your pen-name(s), book titles, character names, and so on. Remember, if you don't do it now, somebody else very well might in the future!

BONUS: As mentioned above, I've jotted down a few notes about setting up Amazon affiliate pages on RebelMouse, which I'm giving away as a free bonus to anyone buying RebelMouse Infestation via my link. A download link for my bonus should appear below the link for the main guide when you order, though if there's any problem with this let me know and I'll send you my bonus directly. In any event, I'd be grateful if you could let me know what you see on the download page and how the process works out for you, as it's the first time I've tried doing this via the Warrior Forum.

Good luck, and see you on RebelMouse!

Disclosure: Some links in this review include my affiliate code, so if you click through and make a purchase, a proportion of the fee will go to me. This hasn't influenced my review, but you should of course complete your own due diligence and read the sales page (and this review) carefully to determine whether this product will be relevant to your needs.

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Blogger Chihuahua Zero said...

Never heard of RebelMouse before. Will check it out.

3:32 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

It's a strange name, but definitely worth checking out!

5:46 PM  
Anonymous Cindy said...

Hi and thank you for your write up.
What is the cost to buy the one time offer video course you mentioned. Thanks for your time

11:15 AM  
Blogger Nick said...

Hi Cindy. According to the info I have, the OTO currently costs $13.40.

1:24 PM  
Anonymous Ray said...

Was about to buy the WSO from another link when I saw your post in that forum. Following thru, I saw your space opera page and read how you used the amazon rss feed to build it, so I bought it off your link to get your bonus. And this is what I came up with - . I used 2 feeds - one based on your bonus and one from the OTO. Using your method, I noticed the word 'tagged' is on the headlines on both your space opera page and on the bottom part of my page. Might need a little tweaking. But thanks for the tip.

9:06 AM  
Blogger Nick said...

Thanks, Ray. Glad you found my bonus useful.

Your RM Christmas Toys page looks good - I can see how you have combined the two types of RSS feed. Bear in mind that on the Edit page you can change the name showing for your site (e.g. to "Toys for Christmas") and also change the logo to something more Christmassy. I've updated my bonus now to covere these things, so you might want to download it again (using the same link).

And yes, it is a bit annoying that if you use a feed based on an Amazon tag you get all the tags listed rather than the full description. This may be unavoidable if you use this type of feed, though. I don't think it matters too much really, but if you find a way around this I'd be interested to hear about it!

Thanks again for commenting.


10:54 AM  
Anonymous Ray said...

Nick, thanks for the updated bonus.
I just checked my Amazon Associate stats and I see I had 238 product link clicks and 1230 other clicks but no conversions for yesterday alone, whereas I had no clicks previously for a long time. I only dropped my RM page link here and on a FB group. Other than the internal RM traffic, I wonder what caused this explosion of clicks. Hope it's not all bots.

8:34 AM  
Blogger Nick said...

Hi Ray
Just checked my Amazon stats and my experience is similar to yours. Over 1200 clicks yesterday alone, which is much more than I normally get. Unfortunately all this activity generated no sales either (though it's early days, I suppose).

Like you, I'd be intrigued to know where all this traffic is coming from. It's encouraging, but I hope it translates to some sales soon!

10:57 AM  
Blogger Nick said...

Just added another RebelMouse affiliate site. Check out Amazon Kindle Best Sellers.

Also made my first four affiliate sales on my RM Space Operas site.

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a guy on Rebelmouse that is selling RebelMouse Themes that totally change the way
your pages look! I bought one and it has help my conversions go through the roof because I have a rebelmouse page that looks completely different and professional.
Like a thousand dollars went into it to get it to look that way!

Just look up Rebelmouse Themes on google and you will see what I'm talking about.

10:28 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Thanks - I'll definitely check that out. I know it's possible for anyone to customize their RM page by editing the CSS, but obviously you need a bit of specialist knowledge (and preferably some design skills) to do this.

10:49 AM  
Anonymous Honor @ said...

The more important question is if you are making any money off your rebel mouse pages.

How are people finding the pages?
How is traffic generated to the pages?

Nothing matters without the traffic.

So, Nick, have you made any money and if so, how did you get the buyers to your pages?


6:49 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Thanks for the comment.

My RM pages have attracted around 5000 clicks so far in December and have made me a few dollars in affiliate fees. In retrospect, I should really have chosen something that generated bigger commissions than Kindle e-books!

I've only promoted the pages in a small-scale way, via Twitter, Facebook, this blog, and so on. Unfortunately it's not easy to work out where all the traffic is coming from, as the stats provided by RebelMouse are very limited (hopefully this will change as the service continues to evolve). I am, however, impressed by the number of visitors the pages are getting, even though I won't be retiring on the commissions generated yet!

My purpose in this post was not to tout this as a complete money-making system. Rather, it was to flag up just one way RebelMouse pages can be used (which I hadn't thought of before I read Jimmy's guide). I hope my example may inspire others to try this approach as well and perhaps develop other new ways of profiting from RebelMouse pages.

And yes, ultimately it's all about getting eyeballs to your site. My initial research suggests that even small-scale promotion has the potential to attract a lot of visitors, so with some more serious promotional efforts (getting backlinks from high PR authority sites, for example) it should presumably be possible to leverage this much higher. It's something I will continue to experiment with, so I'm grateful to Jimmy for the info he provided that got me started.

10:39 PM  
Blogger John Kerry said...

I hope my example may inspire others to try this approach as well and perhaps develop other new ways of profiting from RebelMouse pages.

7:59 AM  

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