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Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Writing Blog - Top Posts of 2012

As the end of another year approaches, I thought I'd take a look back at the most popular posts on my blog last year (based mainly on comments, social media shares and visitor numbers).

If you missed any of these posts first time round - perhaps you've only discovered my blog recently - I hope you'll enjoy reading them now. And if you've been following me for a while, I hope there are some posts here you'll enjoy revisiting. They are listed in no particular order...

Ten Top Tips for Making the Most of JustRetweet

JustRetweet is a great, free tool for helping publicize your blog posts via Twitter. In this post I set out my advice for making the most of it and avoiding a few potential pitfalls.

Colons and Semicolons: What Mr Sanders Taught Me

In this post I shared some valuable advice about these two often-misunderstood punctuation marks that I originally learned from my old English teacher, Mr Sanders. This post was a big hit on Twitter!

12 Reasons Entrepreneurial Writers Should Connect with the Warrior Forum

The Warrior Forum is the world's most popular online forum for Internet marketers. In this blog, of course, I usually promote my own forum at I do still recommend MWC as a brilliant resource for writers - but for those of an entrepreneurial bent, I highly recommend The Warrior Forum as well. In this post I gave twelve compelling reasons you really should check it out.

A Fast-Track Route for Non-US Authors to Avoid Paying US Tax on Royalties?

Last year I published a guest post by author Ali Cooper on how self-publishing non-US authors on Amazon (Createspace and Kindle) and Smashwords can reclaim the 30 percent tax otherwise automatically deducted by these US companies. The method Ali set out did work, but was quite time-consuming and laborious. In this post I set out another method that is being used successfully by non-US authors, and involves making just a single phone call.

Pinterest - Ten Tips for Authors

Pinterest is the new social networking and publishing service that has taken the world by storm. Used properly, it can be a powerful tool for driving traffic to your blog, website or sales page. In this post I revealed my top ten tips for authors on making the most of it.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Writers Forum

This is my slightly tongue-in-cheek article about the history of my forum at, as published in The Author, journal of the UK Society of Authors. If you're an MWC member especially, you won't want to miss this!

Writers: Should You Work With a Collaborator?

In this post I looked at the pros and cons for writers of working with a collaborator. Overall, I think there is a lot to be said for it, but you do need to choose your writing partner/s very carefully. This is another post that generated a lot of interest and shares.

The Greengrocer's Apostrophe, and Why You Shouldn't Buy It

I'm back on one of my favourite topics, grammar and punctuation, in this post. The greengrocer's apostrophe (as it's often called in Britain) is a very common mistake. Find out all about it here, and make sure you aren't guilty of using it yourself!

The 22 Rules of Storytelling (Infographic)

I shared a few infographics on my blog this year, but this one is probably my favourite. It's based on tips and advice shared on Twitter by storyboard artist Emma Coats. Emma set out "22 Rules of Storytelling" based on what she learned working for the animation studio Pixar (responsible for such blockbusters as the Toy Story series and Finding Nemo). There are some real gems for all fiction writers here.

RebelMouse: A New Home for Your Social Media

RebelMouse is one of my discoveries of 2012. It's a free service that lets you create your own beautiful-looking social-media homepage in just minutes, aggregating content from Facebook, Twitter and other networks you may belong to. Find out more here, and then check out my own RebelMouse page at You might also like to read this subsequent post, where I revealed how it's possible to use RebelMouse as a money-making tool.

Review: E-Book Cover Maker Pro

I reviewed a number of products and services for writers on my blog this year, but this handy tool is possibly my top pick. It provides a means for even non-expert designers to create more than passable e-book cover images. It can be used for many other web-related tasks as well, including creating banners, blog headers, logos, and so on.

Review: Kindle Ritual

Having mentioned E-Book Cover Maker Pro, it would be unfair not to include as well this excellent all-purpose training course and software tool for creating Kindle e-books (along with cover images, promotional web pages, and more). Obviously, I still recommend my own Kindle Kash as well - but if you want a complete all-in-one package that not only trains you but formats and compiles your e-book too, Kindle Ritual is well worth your consideration.

How to Print Out a Kindle E-Book

For nonfiction books especially, the ability to print out pages from a Kindle e-book can sometimes come in very handy. There is no print option on the Kindle device itself, but in this post I revealed four different methods you can use to print out some or all of a Kindle e-book.

Do check out these posts, and feel free to add your own additional comments if you like. And watch out for more great posts from me (and my guest bloggers) on all aspects of writing in 2013!

Photo Credit: Winter Sunset by Nick Daws. All rights reserved.

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Blogger Patricia Weber said...

Great reminder that Kindle Books can be printed easily! Thanks for the blog post round up.

9:45 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Thanks, Patricia :)

9:58 AM  

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