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Thursday, January 31, 2013

MyWritersCircle Olymp-Inks Starts Friday!

Heat 1 of the Womens 100m Hurdles Semi-F by wwarby, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  wwarby 

Just wanted to remind you that the myWritersCircle Olymp-Inks starts on Friday 1 February.

The Oymp-Inks is a series of writing contests and challenges in a wide range of writing forms and genres on my forum at All the events are hosted on the forum's dedicated Olymp-Inks board, and they are all absolutely free to enter.

In fact, as many of you will already know, two events have already started, the Prose and Poetry Marathons. These close on Saturday 2 February, but there is just about time to submit an entry if you're quick! See my earlier blog post for more information about these events.

A complete programme of Olymp-Inks events, with the prizes on offer, is shown below. Wherever possible I have added links to the relevant topics on the forum and to additional information about the prizes. Please click through for more information about what each of the events involves.

Prose Marathon: already running
Prize: Scrivener

Poetry Marathon: already running
Prize: Write any book in under 28 days CD (WCCL)

Umpires Editorial - 1 February
Prize: ProWritingAid premium membership for one year

Rhythmic Gymnastics - 2 February 
Prize: Essential English for Authors (WCCL)

Poetry Triathlon - 3 February
Prize: Writer's Block CD (WCCL)

100-Word Dash - 4 February
Prize: Book Backup software (WCCL)
Steeplechase - 5 February
Prize: Kindle Kash (WCCL)
Torch Campaign - 6 February
Lou Darvas Cartooning Course (WCCL)

Spectators Sport - 7 February
Prize: The Wealthy Writer (WCCL)

Poetry Freestyle - 8 February
Prize: The 10 Day E-book (WCCL)
250-Word Dialogue Sprint - 9 February
Prize: 60 Second Science book by Nick Daws                   

Bullseye - 10 February
Prize: Self Publishing Secrets (WCCL)

Live Online Events

Pentathlon (pairs event) - Starts 1 February and runs to the end of the games.
Prizes: How to Write a Children's Book (WCCL) x 2

Slalom - Starts 2 February and runs to the end of the games.
Prize: Kindle Kash (WCCL)

Limerick Relay (pairs event) - Starts 4 February and runs to the end of the games.
Prize: Travel Writing Secrets (WCCL)

Photo Finish - Starts 5 February and is run over five days.
Prize: Choice of books by Mark Hoffman

Caption Contest - Starts 4 February and runs over 5 alternate nights.
Prize: Your Chinese Horoscopes 2013 by Neil Sommerville

Letters Chase (pairs event) - Starts 6 February and runs to the end of the games.
Prize: A choice of e-books by John Craggs

Word Hurdle Eliminator - Starts 8 February and runs till the end of games.
Prizes: Two £10 discount vouchers for WCCL products.

Javelin Puzzle - Starts 10 February and runs till the end of the games.
Prize: Trinity by Patrick Fox (Kindle version).

Couplets Discus (pairs event) - Starts 12 February and runs till the end of games.
Prizes: Lost in the Dark by Joe Mynhardt and Caxton Tempest at the End of the World By Ken Preston

7 Day Sprint word games. These will run each day from 8 February.
Prizes: A choice of any of the MWC charity publications in e-book form. Also four e-books by Neil Somerville and Truitts Fix by Rex Evans Wood.

Victor Ludorum Award

This is a prize for the overall best performance in the Olymp-Inks, decided on a points basis. The "athlete" with the most points at the end will win the excellent Movie In a Month CD from our main sponsors, WCCL.

Phew, that's a lot of events! Kudos to Mairi Angus (Ma100) for co-ordinating everything, and to the many moderators and members who have volunteered to help in many ways, from acting as marshals and forwarders, to donating prizes.

Note that to enter the pairs events, you will need a partner, who must also be a forum member. If you don't have a partner, there are some people looking for one on this forum topic or you can post a request there of your own.

Remember, all the events in the Olymp-Inks are free, and you can (and should!) enter as many as you like. The only requirement is that you must be a registered and logged-in member of myWritersCircle to take part. Joining the forum is, of course, free of charge as well.

Have fun, and see you at the Olymp-inks!

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