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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

The National Emerging Writer Programme - a Great New Free Resource for Writers

If you're a budding author, you could do a lot worse than check out the National Emerging Writer Programme. It's a free training resource open to writers world-wide.

To quote from the website...
Developed by and Dublin UNESCO City of Literature, the National Emerging Writer Programme is a world first - a centrally funded initiative to foster and develop new writing talent.

A year in development, the National Emerging Writer Programme harnesses the experience and expertise of three of Ireland’s leading writers, Carlo Gébler, Sinead Moriarty and Declan Hughes and brings it via DVD and  You Tube directly to those who can benefit from it most - emerging writers.
The main resource consists of three 40-minute videos: 'Start Writing', 'Telling the Story' and 'Revising, Rewriting and Overcoming Obstacles'. Lots of good advice and food for thought is on offer, and plenty of inspiration as well.

As stated above, the videos are available on DVD, but they have also been saved to YouTube in bite-sized chunks. I've embedded the introductory trailer below...

As always, if you are receiving this post by email or RSS, you may need to visit my blog to watch the video.

As well as the videos, all of which can be viewed via the website, a range of written support materials can be read or downloaded in PDF format. They cover such topics as Structuring Your Story, Creating Characters and Writing Dialogue. The PDFs are quite short (1 or 2 pages) but contain some valuable tips.

The National Emerging Writer Programme is a great resource for aspiring authors and completely free, so why not take a look today?

Many thanks to Vanessa O'Loughlin of the Irish online writing magazine for drawing the National Emerging Writer Programme to my attention.

Photo credit: Dr Phil on Flickr.  Reproduced under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic licence.

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