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Friday, February 22, 2013

MWC Olymp-Inks 2013 - The Winners!

The MWC Olymp-Inks is now over, so here is a complete list of winners (forum IDs only).

For the benefit of anyone who doesn't know, the MWC Olymp-Inks was a set of writing-related events run on my forum at from 1 to 15 February 2013 and open to all members to enter.

Prose Marathon
Prize: Scrivener
Winner: Dawn

Poetry Marathon
Prize: Write any book in under 28 days CD (WCCL)
Winner: Pale Writer

Umpires Editorial
Prize: ProWritingAid premium membership for one year
Winner: Annmarie

Rhythmic Gymnastics
Prize: Essential English for Authors (WCCL)
Winner: 510bhan

Poetry Triathlon
Prize: Writer's Block CD (WCCL)
Winner: Estwg

100-Word Dash
Prize: Book Backup software (WCCL)
Winner: Hillwalker3K

Prize: Kindle Kash (WCCL)
Winner: Siege

Torch Campaign
Lou Darvas Cartooning Course (WCCL)
Winner: Siege

Spectators Sport
Prize: The Wealthy Writer (WCCL)
Winner: 510bhan

Poetry Freestyle
Prize: The 10 Day E-book (WCCL)
Winner: 510bhan

250-Word Dialogue Sprint
Prize: 60 Second Science book by Nick Daws
Winner: Siege

Prize: Self Publishing Secrets (WCCL)
Winner: Matt Walker

Live Online Events

Pentathlon (pairs event)
Prizes: How to Write a Children's Book (WCCL) x 2
Winners: Tom10 and Ma100

Prize: Kindle Kash (WCCL)
Winner: Annmarie (who won this event last time as well!)

Limerick Relay (pairs event)
Prize: Travel Writing Secrets (WCCL)
Winners: Distant Sun and 510bhan

Photo Finish
Prize: Choice of books by Mark Hoffman
Winner: Distant Sun

Caption Contest
Prize: Your Chinese Horoscopes 2013 by Neil Sommerville
Winner: 510bhan

Letters Chase (pairs event)
Prize: A choice of e-books by John Craggs (Gyppo)
Winners: Sasquatch and Siobhan

Word Hurdle Eliminator
Prizes: Two 10 UK pound discount vouchers for WCCL products.
Winner: Hillwalker3K

Javelin Puzzle
Prize: Trinity by Patrick Fox (Kindle version).
Winner: Hillwalker3K

Couplets Discus (pairs event)
Prizes: Lost in the Dark by Joe Mynhardt and Caxton Tempest at the End of the World By Ken Preston
Winners: Gayle and 510bhan

7 Day Sprint word games
Prizes: A choice of any of the MWC charity publications in e-book form. Also four e-books by Neil Somerville and Truitts Fix by Rex Evans Wood.
Winner: 510bhan

The Victor Ludorum Prize for the best overall performance was won by 510bhan (Sio) who entered pretty much every event and became renowned for her speed in the live online events! Sio wins a copy of Movie in a Month from WCCL, along with all her other loot. Congratulations to her on a hugely successful Olymp_Inks!

Congratulations to all our other winners as well, and thank you to everyone who took part, whether as a competitor, judge, marshal or forwarder. We couldn't have done it without you!

And a very big thank you indeed to the redoubtable Ma100 (Mairi) for organizing and running the whole shebang!

Speaking of which, if you won any events in the Olymp_inks, please contact Mairi by forum personal message (PM) now to claim your prize/s. She will need your full name, your email address, your physical address if a prize is a book or CD (if unsure, include this anyway), and the name/s of the prize/s you won. We (and our sponsors) will then get your prize/s out to you as soon as we possibly can.

One last thought is that if you won a prize, it would be appreciated if in due course you could review it and/or send a testimonial. Our sponsors have been extremely generous with prizes - WCCL alone donated well over five hundred dollars' worth - and it would be nice to return the favour wherever possible. Please check out all of our sponsors' products via the links above, and you can also see most of WCCL's range on their excellent WriteStreet website.

In view of its popularity and the almost universally positive feedback received, we hope to repeat the MWC Olymp-inks again next year. If you have any comments or suggestions on the Olymp_Inks, including any ideas for how it could be improved, please leave them on this forum topic or as comments below. Thank you!

Photo credit: wickedrice on Flickr.

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