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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Review: Kindle Bestseller Secrets

Kindle Bestseller Secrets is a new, multimedia course from successful Kindle author Derek Doepker. It's currently on launch special offer via the Warrior Forum.

On the sales page Derek reveals how, between December 21 and 31 2012 , he accumulated over $5,383 in royalties from one single Kindle book in the highly competitive health and weight loss category (and yes, he provides proof of his best-selling status).

Kindle Bestseller Secrets has been getting a lot of good feedback, and was also voted WSO [Warrior Special Offer] of the Day. In any event, it's hard to argue with that level of success, so I decided to buy a copy to see for myself what useful advice Derek had to share.

As with a growing number of e-courses, Kindle Bestseller Secrets is hosted on a password-protected Wordpress site. There is a lot to be said for this, as it means the course can include audio and video as well as the usual written content. It should also mean that it can be regularly updated and expanded. Just don't forget to keep a record of your log-in details!

What you actually get is a six-module course taking you through every aspect of the Kindle writing and publishing process. The modules are as follows:

1. Success Secrets
2. Research
3. Book Setup
4. Cover Creation
5. Publishing
6. Marketing

Each module contains between one and nine lessons. These are a mixture of audio, video and text. A typical lesson comprises a 15-minute video, followed by links to resources discussed in the video, followed by additional notes to clarify or expand on the points covered. All of the lessons are quite concise, and wouldn't take longer than 30 minutes to complete.

There is also a highly informative 26-page PDF of "Quick Tips". Here's just part of one tip on using KDP Select, for example...

"Select the days you'd like to go free, preferably at least a week in advance to let the various kindle freebie websites know about it. I suggest running all 5 free days in a row which is what I did. The goal is to break the top 100 of all free books, and doing so increasing downloads exponentially. During my first few free days, I had about 1200-1500 downloads a day. After I broke the top 100, I had around 5000 downloads the last day alone. Running a longer promotion allows you to build momentum and give people a chance to see your marketing efforts. The alternative is to run separate 2 and 3 day promotions. If you'd like, you can select a 3 day free promotion, and then if sales are high add two more days. If sales are diminishing by day 3, you'll be able to save your other 2 free days."

Derek says the "Quick Tips" guide is intended as a supplement to the course, but as an experienced Kindle author myself I actually found it one of the most useful components. This is partly due to the fact that it mentions a range of useful resources I haven't seen before, and also (as in the example above) includes practical advice based on Derek's own Kindle publishing experiences. This kind of advice based on real-life experience is priceless, really.

Even that is not the end of it, though. You also get various bonuses, including video case studies, author interviews, and more. You also get membership of a private Facebook group, where advice and mutual support from other Kindle authors is available.

Finally, I should mention that there is also an OTO (One Time Offer) for an additional module called Ninja Tracking Methods. I didn't buy this myself, but I gather it includes information about advanced tracking methods (with codes provided) for tweaking conversion rates, uncovering specific 'hot' keywords that drive buyer traffic, plus a way to distinguish the types of traffic that originate on Amazon or outside of Amazon.

I'm not entirely sure how useful this would be to me - I guess I need to study the marketing modules in the main course in more detail - but for the moment anyway there is a link to buy it from the KBS members area, so I may upgrade later. It's only fair to add, though, that Derek says he's only going to sell a limited number of upgrades, after which the offer will be closed.

Overall, I thought Kindle Bestseller Secrets was an excellent product and well worth the modest - though slowly rising! - fee. Obviously, if you're an experienced Kindle author, some of the advice will be familar to you. Even so, I am willing to bet that - like me - you will pick up some invaluable tips. And the multimedia format makes it easy and enjoyable to absorb the lessons (though I'm glad that there is plenty of written content as well).

Kindle Bestseller Secrets is aimed more at people who want to write nonfiction, though much of the advice could also be used with fiction. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a guide to writing Kindle novels, something like Geoff Shaw's comprehensive (though much more expensive) Kindling course might suit you better.

If you have any comments or questions about Kindle Bestseller Secrets, please feel free to post them below and I will do my best to answer them.

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