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Friday, March 22, 2013

Triple Reminder: ScriptFever, Guest Blogging Contest, Facebook Plug!

A quick post today to remind you about three current (or forthcoming) opportunities.

ScriptFever is the challenge hosted on my forum to create a script (or scripts) of 100 pages in the month of April. It is our attempt to fill the gap left after ScriptFrenzy sadly closed this year.

Anyone is welcome to join ScriptFever. There is no charge, and no previous experience of scriptwriting is needed (there will be plenty of advice and support available). The only requirement is that you must be a member of my forum, but it's quick and easy to join if you haven't already.

You can read more about ScriptFever in this post I wrote when we launched the event. You can also click here to visit the dedicated ScriptFever board on my forum. If you fancy a new challenge in April, please do sign up now!

I wanted to remind you as well about my contest to win a copy of my brand new course Blogging for Writers.

All you have to do for this is submit a guest post for my blog on a subject that would interest writers and aspiring writers. I've only had one entry so far, so there may not be as much competition as you think. Anyway, the closing date is 31 March 2013, so there are ten days left to get your entry in!

You can see full details of my guest posting contest and how to enter in this post.

Finally, have you written a book or e-book, and are you on Facebook? If so, don't miss the opportunity to promote your title free of charge on my Facebook business page today. Strictly speaking, this offer is only open on Friday 22 March, but if you don't see this post till the weekend, I might stretch a point for you.

Already quite a few people have posted links to their books, and there are some fascinating-sounding titles among them. Even if you don't have a book you want to promote yourself, therefore, you might still like to visit my Facebook business page and check them out for yourself. Here's a link to the actual post, in case you can't find it.

Do feel free to "like" my page as well while you're there, by the way!

Any comments or questions, as ever, please do post them below.

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