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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Two Great Free E-Books for Writers!

Today I wanted to share with you two great free e-books for writers. Both are PDFs, so easy to read on any PC or Mac.

Both are also exceptionally well written and produced, by authors who really do know their stuff and have the publishing chops to prove it.

The first one is Kindle Publishing Unleashed, by bestselling Kindle author Lilly Sage.

Lilly writes both fiction and nonfiction ebooks, and has achieved greatest success with a series of vampire novels.

Kindle Publishing Unleashed is a 149-page guide to all aspects of publishing on Kindle. She doesn't go into great detail about formatting, preferring to refer readers to Amazon's own free guides to this subject.

There is useful advice on pricing and book length, but the most valuable part of the book in my opinion is where she discusses marketing. There is a whole section (section 2) devoted to internal marketing on Amazon, covering such things as choosing categories for your book, tagging, descriptions, getting reviews, cover designs and so on.

Section 3 then looks at external marketing methods, including blogging, social media, creating an email newsletter, and so on. Finally, Section 4 talks about strategies you can use to get your e-book on to the Kindle best-seller lists (and the benefits of doing so).

You can download Kindle Publishing Unleashed free via this topic on the Warrior Forum, where it is being promoted as a WSO ("Warrior Special Offer"). There is no need to be a member of the Warrior Forum to take advantage of this link.

Lilly also runs her own Kindle Club for people who are serious about succeeding on Kindle. Membership isn't free, but if you feel that Kindle is the way forward for you (and it is for a growing numbers of writers) it's well worth considering. Here is a link for more information.

The other free e-book I wanted to recommend today comes from self-publishing legend J.A. (Joe) Konrath.

The Newbie's Guide to Publishing is a compilation of posts from his popular blog of the same title.

The articles have been edited and organized into categories for ease of reference. The main categories are: Writing, Breaking In, Publishing, Promotion, Touring, Peers, Internet, Ebooks, Reviews, Newsletters, Motivation and (of course!) About Joe.

Each category has as many as fifty articles, so this is a LONG ebook! In fact, it weighs in at 1102 pages, containing over 360,000 words of advice. This is definitely not a book you are going to read in one sitting, therefore! But it's packed with excellent (and inspiring) advice from a prolific thriller author, who refuses to sign up with a conventional publisher because he believes he is far better off publishing his own work.

You can download The Newbie's Guide to Publishing free from this web page.

So there you are - two free and excellent writing guides that should keep you busy for a long time! If you have any comments or questions, as ever, please do leave them below.

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