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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kindle Kash is Half Price for KindleFever!

As you may know, next month is KindleFever on my forum at

It's a challenge to publish an e-book on the Kindle platform by the end of June. This can be an e-book you write specially for KindleFever, or it could be something you've already written and want to try publishing in this form. Either way, I hope and intend that KindleFever will give you the incentive - and support from fellow writers - to get it done.

And the big news today is that I've managed to persuade my publishers (and sponsors) The Self Development Network to repeat their very popular half-price offer on my downloadable Kindle Kash course - except this time it's not just for one day but from now until the end of June!

That means if you need a bit help with devising, writing, editing, formatting, publishing and/or promoting your Kindle e-book, you can get Kindle Kash for just $13.50 instead of the usual $27. For the benefit of my British readers, $13.50 is about 9 UK pounds! Now that really is what I call a bargain!

Those of you who have bought any of my writing products in the past will know that I like to deliver value, and I believe Kindle Kash is no exception to this. OK, it was admittedly published a little while ago, so the advice on promotional methods is no longer cutting edge (although still almost entirely relevant). However, the other advice and information is still as detailed and accurate as you will find anywhere, and the growing roster of authors who have published their first e-books on Kindle after following the advice in Kindle Kash is testament to this.

To buy Kindle Kash at half price till the end of KindleFever, just click though this link to the sales page (or on the banner below) and enter the coupon code KINDLEFEVER at the checkout. The total due should then be reduced by 50 percent.

Please remember that this offer is for the duration of KindleFever only, and the coupon code will expire after midnight (New York time) on 30 June 2013. Don't delay too long and miss out!

Good luck, and if you haven't yet signed up, please do visit the KindleFever board and put your name down. Don't forget, at the end of KindleFever, we will all be helping one another get publicity, reviews, "likes", tags, and so on - so I'm confident it will be win-win all the way for everyone taking part!

If you have any queries about KindleFever or Kindle Kash, of course, please feel free to post them below.

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