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Thursday, May 09, 2013

KindleFever is Coming Soon!

A quickie today to let you know about a brand new challenge coming up on my forum at


KindleFever will be a challenge to publish a Kindle e-book in June. We are particularly keen to encourage people who haven't yet given Kindle publishing a try, to show them it's not as hard as they might think!

But it's also open to experienced Kindle self-publishers who feel they would benefit from a challenge to get another title on Amazon. Obviously, we hope that the more experienced Kindlers will assist those new to it, but I fully expect we will all learn from one another during the challenge. And yes, I will be taking part in KindleFever myself.

You can either write and publish a Kindle e-book from scratch during KindleFever, or else format and publish an existing work. All types of Kindle book are welcome, including novels, short stories, anthologies, nonfiction books, poetry, and so forth.

You don't HAVE to be a member of myWritersCircle to join in KindleFever, and the KindleFever board (see below) will be visible to non-members too. However, to take part in discussions, ask questions, and so on, you will of course need to be a member and logged in. It's free to join myWritersCircle and only takes a moment, so why not register now if you haven't already?

There will be many benefits to taking part in KindleFever. First, as mentioned above, we will be a community of writers all working toward a similar goal - so if you get stuck at any point, plenty of help and advice will be on hand.

In addition, as with all such challenges, you will have dozens - maybe more - of "accountability partners" to help motivate you and ensure you achieve your goal of publishing to Amazon by the end of June.

And one big extra benefit is that we hope and intend that everyone taking part in KindleFever will help other participants promote their newly-published books, by reviewing them, "liking" them, tagging them, and so on. This should help to ensure that they all have the best possible chance of making it into the Kindle best-seller lists!

A new KindleFever board will appear on soon, where questions, resources and general chatter about the challenge can be found. Further news will be posted there as and when it becomes available.

So start planning your (next) Kindle e-book now!

UPDATE - The KindleFever board on myWritersCircle is now live at Check it out, register your intention to take part, and start writing!

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Blogger Rohi Shetty said...

Hi Nick,
Brilliant idea!
Count me in.

7:27 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

Excellent! Thanks for your support, Rohi.

9:00 AM  

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