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Friday, May 31, 2013

Some End of May Reminders!

It's the end of May today, so I just wanted to remind you about a few deadlines that are coming up...

First (and foremost!), KindleFever starts tomorrow. This is the challenge on my forum to publish an e-book on the Kindle platform by the end of June.

Anyone is welcome to join in KindleFever, although I hope the event will appeal especially to Kindle newbies, who may benefit from the support and encouragement of those who have done it before.

But I hope (and intend) that everyone taking part will benefit, not only through exchanging tips and advice on our dedicated KindleFever board, but also by helping one another promote our KindleFever e-books once they are written.

You can either write your e-book from scratch or - as many are doing - adapt an existing work for the Kindle platform.

Your e-book can be fiction, nonfiction, poetry, children's, or something else. The only "rule" is that you MUST publish it in the month of June. Previously published e-books won't count and won't be eligible for promotion by other members or on the forum (except separately on our Self Publishing Central board).

If you haven't yet signed up for KindleFever, you can do so here. It's all free, of course, although you will need to register as a member of my forum at if you haven't already.

I did just want to remind you as well that anyone taking part in KindleFever is eligible for a 50 percent discount on my downloadable Kindle Kash course.

This is a comprehensive guide to devising, writing, editing, formatting, publishing and promoting a Kindle e-book. If you're looking for advice on any (or all) of these subjects, I highly recommend it (naturally!), especially with my publisher's half-price coupon deal. Just bear in mind that the offer expires at the end of June 2013.

Visit this blog post to find out how you can claim your 50 percent discount on Kindle Kash.

In addition, my colleagues at Inspire 3 have a free offer expiring today. This is for their 15-minute "Focus" MP3 that uses binaural beats and other cutting-edge technologies to entrain your brain to the correct frequencies for focusing on a task. I mentioned their offer in this post earlier this month.

I've had some great feedback on the Focus MP3, incidentally, including one reader who claims it has changed her life! Thanks, Radio Vicky FM. You can see one of her tweets below...

Just click through here to claim your free Focus MP3 from Inspire3 before the offer is taken down

Also closing shortly (tomorrow, actually) is the contest on my near-neighbor Sally Jenkins' blog, to win a free critique from her for your short story. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on her blog post and Sally (an award-winning short-story writer) will pick a winner at random.

That's all for now, so see you again in June!

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