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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Kindle Video Hurricane Review

Kindle Video Hurricane is a new guide to creating videos to promote your Kindle (or other) books, publishing them on YouTube, and boosting them to the top of the search-engine rankings for your desired keyword/s. It's by Andreas Quintana and Andrew Zirkin.

The product has just been launched quite cheaply on the Warrior Forum (under $9 at the time of writing). I want to get more into video myself, so I decided to buy a copy to see whether I (and my readers) could benefit from it.

Kindle Video Hurricane comes in the form of a concise (22-page) illustrated manual in PDF form, and an accompanying short video.

The manual starts by discussing keyword research. Obviously, if you want your video to attract search visitors, it's important to ensure it ranks highly for relevant search terms. The authors have enjoyed considerable success at doing this themselves, and their advice makes sense and is worth reading.

I don't suppose I'm giving away too much if I reveal that they recommend using the free Google Keywords Tool for this. That's fine, but I would just note that Google are currently phasing this out and replacing it with Adwords Keywords Planner. This can be used in a very similar way, but you will need to have an Adwords account and be logged into it in order to use it. There are lots of other free and paid-for keyword research tools out there, of course, so I don't see this as a major issue. The main thing is to know what keywords you want to rank for, and roughly how popular they are.

After that, the manual sets out some suggestions for creating your video. Don't expect in-depth advice on this subject. It suggests two different methods, both of which again can be applied using free tools. I wasn't wild about the first method, if I'm honest - it involves creating slideshows using stock images. Personally, I would sooner use images from the book itself, but the method (and resources used) could easily be adapted for this. The other method is even more straightforward.

Really, though, the key advice is not to agonize too much over making your video. The real point, according to the authors, is to get something up in the shortest possible time, so you can then start benefiting from it.

The manual goes on to discuss search-engine optimizing and promoting your video, and this is really where the most valuable advice is to be found. Andrew and Andreas take you through everything you need to do to ensure that your video is indexed by the search engines and ranked as highly as possible for your chosen keywords, focusing particularly on the title, description and tags. I found the step-by-step explanation of how to write your video description especially eye-opening.

Finally, the manual lists some free and low-cost methods you can use to give your video an extra promotional push, should you need to. Again, there are some very useful resources listed here, none actually costing more than five dollars.

As mentioned, you also get a video. This shows you how to link to your book's Amazon sales page, shorten the link with, and how and where to post your link for maximum impact on your YouTube video page. All good stuff, although of course experienced online publishers will be familiar with much of this information already.

Finally, I should mention that in addition to Kindle Video Hurricane, there is a "one time offer" of a multimedia course titled Kindle Wealth Formula. I didn't get this, as much of the content sounded familiar to me, but I've heard good reports about it. If you're looking for an all-in-one introductory course in writing for Kindle, it may be worth considering at the offer price (along with my own Kindle Kash, of course!).

To sum up, Kindle Video Hurricane is a useful quick guide to creating a promotional video for your book and (especially) getting it to the top of the search-engine rankings. Clearly, it will be most relevant to niche non-fiction authors, as people tend not to search for novels or short stories using keywords. Video book trailers can still be effective tools for promoting fiction, of course, and I recommend Book Trailer Treasure Map by Amy Harrop and Deborah Drum for advice in this instance.

Anyway, I'm going to try out Kindle Video Hurricane myself with my non-fiction e-book Three Great Techniques for Plotting Your Novel or Screenplay, and will let you know whether I succeed in getting my video to the top of the Google search rankings or not!

If you have any questions or comments about Kindle Video Hurricane, of course, please do post them below.


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